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New Neal Stephenson Aug. 7


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
Some Remarks: Essays and Other Writing

Stephenson ponders a wealth of subjects, from movies and politics to David Foster Wallace and the Midwestern American College Town; video games to classics-based sci-fi; how geekdom has become cool and how science fiction has become mainstream (whether people admit it or not); the future of publishing and the origins of his novels. Playful and provocative, Some Remarks displays Stephenson's opinions and ideas on:

  • The Internet, our dwindling national attention span, and the cultural importance of books and bookishness
  • Waco, religion, and the cluelessness of secular society
  • Metaphysics and the battle between Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
  • The laying of the longest wire on Earth—and why it matters to you
  • Technology, freedom, commerce, and the Chinese
  • How Star Wars and 300 mirror who we are today and what that spells for our future
  • Modern Jedi knights, a.k.a. scientists and technologists, and why they are admired and feared by both the left and the right



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Have you read In the Beginning was the Command Line? I read it and remember loving it. I don't remember the details now (which is really sad, since almost all the non-fiction I read I retain probably about less than 5%-8%).

But it was great. :D


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Thanks for the information re: The Mongoliad , I will look for it, have enjoyed Stephenson's point of view and several novels. Although I still enjoy book form, not a kindle fan yet. :innocent:


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Reading it now. Some pieces are obviously dated, like the 1997 piece on the internet in China but some of the stuff is good. Really good.