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Newsweek ending print edition in 2013


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The only constant is change. Those who laugh off concerns about the "lack of reading" among young people and others in society due to technology, is that reading will always remain the same, it's just that the platform changes. No one is shedding tears over papyrus no longer being used, let alone Egyptian cuneiform. At the same time, this is one major shift for me. I grew up in a house and visited the homes of family members overflowing with Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report as well as National Geographic I keep seeing wooden magazine racks at Goodwill stores and I bet the help under 30 has no clue what they were used for. I'm not anti-technology and I am proud to admit that my kindle is definitely a strong source of content for me. It's also nice to sit back and order a back from your chair, as opposed to getting up and going about outside for half an hour to the nearest library or shop for the exact same book. I don't know BAR members, this is just something that kind of has me taken aback.:sad:

TIME to go completely digital
You probably saw in the article that Tina Brown choked up in the meeting when it was announced the print edition would cease.

What we are all seeing here is not something as simple or progressive as moving from a print format to a digital format. We are seeing something we once loved ceasing to exist. And that's the source of our sorrow. We weep for what we are losing, not for the change itself.
What we are all seeing here is not something as simple or progressive as moving from a print format to a digital format. We are seeing something we once loved ceasing to exist. And that's the source of our sorrow. We weep for what we are losing, not for the change itself.

Eloquently put, mags and newspapers will soon evoke the same sort of nostalgia we feel for silent movies.
My local paper has been on the verge of going out of print for a few years now. And yes it is sort of shocking to see Time and Newsweek going digital. To me it seems like a cultural progression to having everything you want in one place, anytime you want it. Computers (of all shapes and sizes) are really the only medium that can get you there. I never thought I would be where I'm at now. I recently got a phone upgrade and went with one of the big smartphones and now my kindle has a nice sheen of dust on it. The screen on the smartphone is big enough that I can use the kindle app comfortably and the kindle has become just one more thing I don't have to carry around with me anymore. And when I first got it I thought it be part of me forever. (tears)
Oh well....
When the archaelogists are digging us up 2000 years from now there will be this news release on the Fox-Huffington News site: "According to the marker on the tomb of this individual apparently named "Hugh", he died in the year 2075. In his tomb were several "books", that is, sheets of paper bound together that were last used a half century before his death. Many of them were Classic Authors such as Dean Koontz, Danielle Steel and James Patterson, back in the age when such literary care was taken that authors only wrote about 4 full length novels per year. He is believed to be one of the last to enjoy literary works on paper."
It just won't seem the same to be in a dentist or doctor's office reading old digital copies of Time, Reader's Digest and Highlights.
The final articles. The series contains some good ones, in particular by Jon Meacham who is just a wonderful journalist. I enjoyed reading this over the holidays.
What an amazing thread this is to me! I didn't even know until just now that they were going away from print. :eek: I guess that makes me one of the people who helped kill them.

And btw I did just see, and buy, a wooden magazine rack at a consignment shop. Their loss, my gain. :innocent:

But, on the business side of things, I hope their expectations for their digital edition are fulfilled. The computer-related magazines which once crossed my desk every week/month lost my readership entirely when they decided to go exclusively online. I never bothered with them again, even though I had read them continually as major sources of industry information.

So, good luck to them, or at least to their owners. :flowers:
They will be rolled into the online program of The Daily Beast. They have a great website and their new article on Tom Wolfe's new book is not to be missed! I just hope they retain newsweek style journalism and reporting on a juked up Daily Beast website. Great score on the rack Peder! I grew up with those things in my grandparent's home and I see them on occasion at thrift places like Goodwill. In a few years, people will have no idea what they were used for.;) There are some nice ones on ebay too.
Not impressed with Newsweek on my kindle, very disappointed. Thinking of getting a print newspaper out of Lincoln, NE instead.
Very sorry to hear that about Newsweek, SFG. Digital editions will kill paper, but online editions seem to have trouble cutting the mustard, so they both perish. NYTimes online is all I look at and they seem to be very aggressive in pursuing modern technology, so they are in sync with the times (no pun intended :groan:) . All one has to do is get along with their editorial slant. My kindle is for books. Only. They come across quite well. For the rest, my homepage provides as much as I need to know.