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Olen Steinhauer


New Member
His latest, "Nearest Exit" is an excellent follow up to his "The Tourist". Both are fast reading, CIA "spook" novels. The main character is a retired CIA assassin who finds himself continuing to get involved in clandestine ops, mainly overseas. If you like these kind of novels, you'll like Steinhauer.
Hi klunker.....Thanks, I'll order them from my Library, stopped buying books, there's no room for any more shelves.
s'cuse me if I skip the intro
I probably average two novels/week and haven't bought a book in 40 years. Libraries are God's gift to aging minds. Reading keeps our minds shar...... Ummm, what was it I was talking about??? :>)
Much of my career has been spent living on the road. My beautiful wife says the only reason she's remained married to me for 48 years is that I've been gone all the time!! I'm usually on a site for one to three years, so one of my first tasks is to find the local library. I've been on this current site for almost three years. The librarians know me by name. Guess it's better the local librarians know me by name than the local bartenders or hookers!!!!
I've read The Tourist and Nearest Exit, and enjoyed them, but haven't followed up with the sequels yet. And frankly, I'm not particularly moved to do so. While they entertained, they didn't come up to Le Carre, imo.