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Out for a walk with 42 Saint Bernards


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member


Although that little kid is annoying. ai5.photobucket.com_albums_y187_sparkchaser1998_smileys_1shifty.gif


Well-Known Member
Is this a St. Bernard colony? I'm surprised only one of the dogs slurped the kid's face. He's just the proper height for that..:lol:


Well-Known Member
Just wait until they figure out how to get into the barrel of brandy.

Then they'll be a bunch of wobbly slobbering giants. The brandy only amplifies what's there...Which is why Pit Bulls and certain humans should never, ever drink:whistling:


Active Member
I'll be the one to ask:

Why in the heck does someone have 42 Saint Bernards? Oh, man, I have always, always wanted one. I've seen the short-haired versions, and I wasn't impressed. I like the shaggier guys; those dogs seem somewhat in between. I think they are so neat.