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Well-Known Member
Any users of it? I utilize three specialized "channels" and I have to say that there is too much repetition based on what you like, and too few "thumbs down" chances you are given should you dislike three songs in a row. After that, they make you suffer through it thinking you will actually do that.:lol: The positives still outweigh the negatives in using it though if you ask me.


You can tell it to put a song on the shelf which just means they won't play it for a month. I listen to it all night at work and will sometimes sit and tell it to shelf everything I've heard before just to get new stuff. Once you take some time and set up your favorites it works pretty well. My only complaint is it thinks I like Death Metal because I liked one or two songs and keeps throwing more of them at me no matter how many I thumbs down.

Damien Alexander

New Member
Pandora is good, I learned the hard way if you thumb up one thing in ay type of genre is keeps giving you more and more of the same thing, so I stopped thumb upping things and just thumbs down stuff I don't like, so far so good.

I also use Slacker Radio it has more styles of music I like.


Well-Known Member
I still listen to Pandora to try and find new songs but get frustrated with it for the same reasons you mentioned SFG. I find myself using Spotify more often these days, it is not good super good for finding new music but you can make a playlist and actually listen to the songs you added :)