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poirot or holmes


Active Member
I love them both, but I would say I favor Poirot, for kind of the same reason Landslide said. He's more humane & involved with the psychology of the crimes, while Holmes is more about the external clues & details.
Also when I was a kid I used to watch the the Poirot movies on PBS' "Mystery" all the time; the ones with David Suchet. They were awesome :D Poirot and Inspector Morse were my favorites. I'm sure they ran Holmes stories too but I don't remember them....


Former Moderator
For me they are kind of different, similar, but different and I just like both. I have read all or nearly all books/stories for both (in the original canon as far as Holmes is concerned) and I couldn't choose one over the other.


I've never actually read any of the Poirot stories, though the adaptations for the BBC for both are excellent. The new Sherlock Holmes works with Benedict Cumberbach are so great...about the worst part is that there's only like 3 episodes per season. The Poirot show is a bit older but still charming.


New Member

I've read all the books of both Poirot and Holmes, and I've always liked Poirot more.
Because he respects women, I guess


New Member
I'm also partial to Agatha Christie, so Poirot gets my vote, but Holmes is right up there with the Nero wolfe/Archie Goodwin combo. I also like Inspector Roderick Allen (Ngaio Marsh).

Akshat Agrawal

New Member
last night i read two books
the mysterious affair at styles, and the hound of the baskervilles

both were pretty good, i think the hound of the baskervilles its one of the best in the holmes series.
and couldnt stop reading the misterious affair at styles (my night ended around 8 am).

so i thought asking: which detective do you like most??

personally ill go for poirot
while them both are equally great detectives, i found poirot to be more human an social
holmes lives only for the next mystery, doesnt seem to have a social life, and seems to be very square minded (not in his metod of investigation) but in the way he lives and acts, (im pretty sure he would been in the orient express he would have everyone arrested at the end).
That's the introvert nature of Holmes make him who he is. I never read Hercule Poirot's novel but Sherlock Holmes is one of his kind. You can read 'The last bow'.
Although not as good as Hound of Baskervilles but ya you will find you time well spent. Sherlock Holmes in my opinion is better cause he gives me a detective feel. Stories of him are even more good because of Watson. Overall I personally like Sherlock Holmes more.