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Random Question..Keep posting


Staff member
In the winter to keep my feet warm. They freeze even with warm socks and shoes on.

What cartoon do you still watch?


Former Moderator
a swig out of some bottle some bloke was holding inna pub more years ago I'm willing to admit to. It was horrible :)

favourite tipple?


Former Moderator
tipple .... alcoholic beverage.

to tipple - to drink frequently in small quantities never quite enough to get drunk, and just enough to not be sober.


Former Moderator
Vodka - the good stuff! :p White wine, red wine but the best is the bubbly stuff which we aren't allowed to called champagne any more.

and apparently something in a bumpy bottle which for the life of me I can't remember at all whatsoever.

favourite kind of chocolate bar?


Former Moderator
no no smoking allowed!

um I'm running out of questions lol


what question should I ask next?

(its a question OK! :p)