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Random Question..Keep posting


Former Moderator
just to be difficult lol somewhere between waaaay hot and just above warm - not too hot, not cold

do you implement water saving methods in your house?


Staff member
Depending on who it is, I'd probably drop my price way below that :rofl

What's the strangest thing you've ever admitted to?


Former Moderator
I'll let you know if I ever have an audience.

Your favorite comfort food?

Anytime you have some one listening to you you have a potential 'audience' ;)

hmm carbs and sugar ... together ... potent calming effect on your system (i won't mention how bad it is for you but it does work)

chocolate is good too ... has theobromine in it which raises serotonin levels = feel good.

so lol there we have chips (french fries) and coke and a chocolate :p

same again


Well-Known Member
Only if accuracy doesn't matter...flunked typing in 9th grade. Used Mavis Beacon to get me somewhat computer keyboard compatible. Still transpose letters all da time...