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New Member
Hi all. It's been so long since I was last here that I figure a refresher is in order. :)

I am a 37 year old, mom of three boys, blissfully married, ecclectic reader and sometimes writer.

I enjoy sci-fi/fantasy, non-fiction, some fiction, children's literature, and more. I am hoping to read a lot of the posts I caught a glimpse of today, but I do have a toddler. :rolleyes:

Looking forward to meeting and reacquainting with all of you.

Thanks, Prolixic! I had lost my bookmark to this site somehow, but then I found an email saying you had replied to a thread of mine and found my way back.

Hello, this is my introduction post

Hi all,

I am Ester23, and this is my first post. I am a homemaker full-time, love books and read as much as I can, am a confessed book-a-holic, and love to travel, love summer all the time, have 3 dogs and 5 cats, and love lighthouse searching and photography. I am married to a wonderful man for the past 17 years.

Thanks everyone. :) Glad to meet you Esther.

I plan on checking in here at least a few times a week. I get side tracked looking after kids sometimes, but I'll do my best.

if u wander off again, mark yer path with dandy-lion petals or flur-es-cent orange spray paint, to find yer way bak
Welcome back!
Hey there and welcome back!

Well, just today I wandered back to another forum which I was a member of a year ago, but didn't post regularly, and found out that the forum was hacked 2 days ago and everything was gone - including the archives! It's a tech forum, so lots of valuable info was lost in the attack. Everyone had to re-register as new members again.


Er... tis strange to welcome another member within a member's intro thread, but Welcome Esther!

Thanks everyone for the welcome. :)

Direstraits, wow. That totally sucks about the other forum getting hacked. I'm sorry to hear about it.