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Recently Finished

World Gone By - Dennis Lehane :star4:

Great gangland novel set in WWII era Florida and Cuba. The third (last?) addition to the Coughlin trilogy that began with The Given Day.
I think Lehane returns to his top form in this book. In my opinion his best work was The Given Day and this is the closest he's come to that since.
LeHane knows how to tell a story, and he knows how to conjure up colorful characters at the drop of a hat. I think I read this in three or four sittings.
Paper Towns - :star4:
I loved this book. It had a slow start, but I can't imagine it starting any other way. Once you get a little more than half-way through, it really picks up speed. There were times, however, where it was really hard for me not to skip a few paragraphs closer to the end because it seemed like the author kind of rambled. I have not seen the movie, and probably won't (just like I won't for The Fault in Our Stars) because I just can't fathom how the feeling can be captured on screen.
I have read many wonderful books through the years, but I have just finished what may be only the second of two truly great works I have ever read (Bible excepted of course):

The Karla Trilogy by John LeCarré. :star5:

Five stars and five stars again!

(The other great one? Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, some years ago.)
Clockers - Richard Price :star4:
An amazing crime drama told in alternating snatches from the perspective of the main suspect in a murder investigation, and the lead detective investigating the crime.
Child of Vengeance - David Kirk :star4:

A great novel of Feudal Japan, based on the early life of the legendary Samurai swordsman Musashi Myamoto. This is book one of a series that I will definitely be reading more of.
Collective Mind by Vasily Klyukin
Guys! I've just read this book in Russian and before I took this book in my hand I had never thought that the science fiction could be so absorbing! As far as I heard it's coming soon in English. I highly recommend it to all who like reading. I won't spoil the story by saying what happens but I can say that this is the story about Artificial Intelligence as you've never seen it before!!!
In case if you understand Russian you can find it on Vasily Klyukin's official site. Just google it :)
Arabian Magic Compendium by Geoffrey Harris

The power of three books in one compendium.This present work is a compilation of occult knowledge acquired from diverse sources of the Ilmu Al-Hikmah, or the Islamic occult tradition in Indonesia. The majority of these teachings represent the legacy left to us by the spiritual Islamic adepts of the Middle East. Elements of Indonesian Shamanism and Kejawen may also be found in the occult knowledge presented in this book and others of these series. The latter tradition is one of the other major occult streams to be found in the island of Java. Most of the occult teachings of the exercises, rituals, rites, spells, etc., to be found in these series of books have been gathered from the numerous metaphysical Islamic lodges in Indonesia. Not all of these are spiritually oriented, some are decidedly "black" in nature. We trust that the readers of these books are spiritually mature and will not use or apply these teachings for any negative purposes.This is a powerful book not to be used as a toy the content it contains can make or break you. Its for me one of those books that I and my group cannot put down feel like the sorcerers apprentice with this kind of book. Its a book of extreme power with no frills good read.
I just finished Night Zero by Rob Horner. It's an excellent zombie apocalypse novel. The author has a medical background and uses his inside knowledge of first responders' work as paramedics and in emergency rooms to great effect. His scientific knowledge also helped him create a very plausible scenario for how a zombie-like disease might afflict lots of people at once and spread around the country. :star5:
I've just finished reading My Sister, The Serial Killer by Olayinka Braithwaite. Don't be put off by the title. It's a great book. Witty but disturbing in equal measure. The book is brilliant in the way it depicts what lengths a family member will go to save another family member.