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So this is what it looks like from the inside...


Hi there all you kindred spirits out there. I'm a hopelessly addicted book lover who has already accumulated enough print matter to consume a soul in reading for over 100 years solid!

But, of course, that doesn't stop me expanding the library on a weekly basis.

Looking forward to getting in the mix. Where's the best place on the site to go to get a bit of book banter going??

BTW, great site - who's idea & who oils the machinery to allow us to waffle on??

cheers, bart


Active Member
Welcome Bart, Sounds like you have alot of energy and should bring it here to liven it up a bit.


Thanks Isabell. I'm certainly envigorated by the varied discussions going on here. And all about the subject that is the very blood that keeps my heart beating.... books.


Well-Known Member
Hello & welcome,
Do you have a favorite genre? Or do you like a bit of everything? I am the latter. I hope you do enjoy yourself here and find many new books and conversations to feed your addiction :)


Cheers Ronny. I guess I do like a bit of everything - fiction from the classics to new releases, non-fiction from psychology to chess instruction to biographies.

My only limitation is my debilitatingly slow reading speed. So I do try to make a decision in the first 20-30 pages as to whether I should persist. As a result I do have a hankering for short stories - any genre really (I'm reading sci-fi for the first time in yonks at the moment - I, Robot by Asimov) but I have to admit a particular love for the work of Raymond Carver - the greatest English-speaking short-story writer that has ever sucked breathe into a human lung.

Looking forward, Bart.