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Sterotyping people that read.


I think sometimes there is a little bit of envy in people who mock readers. It's like they know they are missing something but they are to limited intellectually to overcome it. :D

Recently my 23 year old daughter met a new co-worker who she hit it off with really well. They most interesting comment she made was "..she's a nerd like me who likes to read a lot of the same things I do. I love that we can be nerds together at work......it makes the time go by faster." All of her friends except one are readers. You will attract likeminded people who will enrich your world (and let you borrow their books!"

Rejoice when that happens and kick the dust of the jerks from your sandals.


When I was in High School, I was reading stuff like Poe and Agatha Christie, as well as a ton of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance books. My brother and his friends usually mocked my devotion to books, calling me a nerd and Steve Urkel and all that. Now, though, I usually am on the giving end of the mockery, as those same people have the intelligence of a red herring! Occasionally, my brother's girlfriend will give me grief about my stack of "BIG" books (aka: books that have more than 20 pages), and at first this habit of hers was insulting. Until I heard her read aloud. Do you remember what it was like in, say, 3rd grade, when students were picked to read aloud, and they read in such a staccato that it just grated your nerves to no end? That's what it was like to listen to her read aloud. It takes all the restraint and grace of God in me to not mock her horrid 3rd grade reading ability!

I love reading everything, from books to graphic novels and comics, to anything on the Internet. That love of reading has shaped my love for other things, as well. I'm an avid gamer, but I usually tend to play games that have brilliantly written stories and dialogue, and this same principle governs the television shows I watch (which is why I LOVE shows like Lost and Castle, that have incredible dialogue and great character development!). All the people I know that don't read, have very bland tastes in movies or games or whatever. Their minds are as limp as as a soggy celery stick. :(


Do you remember what it was like in, say, 3rd grade, when students were picked to read aloud, and they read in such a staccato that it just grated your nerves to no end? (

I remember. It was pure torture. Forget waterboarding, if you want me to divulge my secrets just let a bad reader loose on me. :lol:

The Butcher

New Member
I know exactly how ya feel man. The people in my class annoy me to where it feels like Harry Callingham is holding his Magnum to my head saying "Don't say a word boy",to endure it!
You guys wouldn't believe the caliber of people that are juniors/seniors in college. Sometimes I have to peer review essays and some of them are god awful


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My two half-hour breaks during my work day are spent outside on chairs under a shade sail in a garden like setting.

Getting into the fresh air to eat my morning tea/lunch and being able to immerse myself in a novel is such a wonderful daily highlight.