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Jun 17, 2013
Sep 10, 2008
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Office / Property Management

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Member, from Hawaii

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Jun 17, 2013
    1. Will
      Ditto, loved that part where you read of the gradual disintegration at different speeds of people as they 'turn'; it was quite sad and melancholy, but tied-in with the card games' playing quite well.

      Loved 'The Woman In Black'. Hope you enjoy it also - it's a very strong ghost story. I've seen the theatre production here in London twice now, and it's also scary, and made me jump (lots). I recently read another of Hill's novella's, 'The Small Hand'. That was very good too, and I definitely recommend it.

      The Passage gets better and better I found, but it's definitely quite the epic.
    2. mmyap
      That is so cool that you spoke with Adam Barker. I liked his characters and the setting was so unusual. I especially like when he told the story from the Rye/zombie point of view. Nobody ever tells the zombies side!

      RE: The Passage. I'm only a little ways in but I like it so far. One thing about kindles its sometimes hard to judge how lengthy a book is until you realize your "unread" portion isn't dwindling as quickly as usual. I think the fun is really about to start. The little girl is on her way to Colorado. I think it will really get fun when she is in proximity to the creature/cons.

      Anyway. Love your spooky reads. Ever hear of "The Woman In Black?" I've got that on pre-order. Usually from late summer through October I stick to horror/ghost books. I love that time of year.=o)

      Doh: I just realized I may have gotten The Woman in Black recommendation from your website.
    3. Will
      I read it earlier this year and loved it. I actually reviewed it on my web site here and interviewed Adam Baker here. It's a really enjoyable book isn't it just; kind of perfect mix of horror action with apt moments of reflection amidst the chaos.

      Now - what do you think of 'The Passage'?
    4. mmyap
      I LOVED Outpost! By far one of the best zombie stories I've read. I even found myself having "zombie dreams" it was so enthralling. =o) Ironically, thats high praise from me. I usually don't react to books with bad dreams.

      If you haven't read it you'll want to put on TBR pile, near the top.
    5. Will
      How are you enjoying 'Outpost' by Adam Baker?
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