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The Prince Of Darkness - Horror Novel (With Soundtrack and Visuals)

INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS - Fresh out of high school Oliver Rain escapes living in a small town hidden in the mountains and leaves for the glamorous City of Angels. Like everyone else, he grew up listening to the countless songs, and movies starring Los Angeles as their main stage.

Oliver finds work at a Japanese tea store. He blossoms out of a wallflower, and starts a thriving romance, venturing untreated territory. He often writes spontaneous poetry on night walks through the city.

He learns the Hollyweird grunge lifestyle. It's full of Rock and roll and hollow men. His recurring nightmares grow violent, sleepwalking into a blurring sense of sanity.

Shadowy monsters and demons seem to start appearing outside of his nightmares. Oliver soon befriends the elusive Prince Of Darkness. A mesmerizing warrior from the Shadow World, who is destined to guide Oliver through the ensuing chaotic darkness.

He soon falls down a dark hole into a strange crimson stained wonderland full of unsafe high-octane oddities.

This book deals with hot topics such as abuse from Hollywood moguls. It's complete with soundtrack and visuals.

Check out the music video here -

Check out the Kickstarter here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/742171373/the-prince-of-darkness?ref=user_menu