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  1. I

    I can't remember the Title of that Korean Thriller Cinema.

    Hey, can you tell me the name of that Korean Thriller Cinema? Basically, the story was about a little gamer whose mother was a nurse. The main character got a call while he was gaming. And a lady told her to deliver a phone to her house. After he delivered the phone some police came to his...
  2. Khaled Talib

    New cover for Incognito, my Vatican thriller

    Hi there, I got the rights to my novel back from the publisher, World Castle Publishing, and I am republishing it with a new cover. Hope you like the new look.
  3. Khaled Talib

    New book cover for SMOKESCREEN, a Singapore thriller

    I got back my rights so I decided to give the book a new cover for the second edition. Hope you like it. Smokescreen is a thriller set in Singapore. A magazine reporter becomes a scapegoat in a plot to assassinate the Israeli prime minister during a diplomatic visit. Get the book here...
  4. M

    Let them eat cake by Winterly Amis

    Hey Fellow Readers, just thought I'd write a review for 'let them eat cake' as I haven't seen one. I was recommended it by a friend. At first I was skeptical as I've never heard of the author before but after reading the opening pages on amazon kindle I thought I'd give it a go - It was only...
  5. Khaled Talib

    Summer Sale - GUN KISS $0.99

    The Kindle version of Gun Kiss is available for $0.99 from now till 30 June. The book is also on sale on B&N, Smashwords, Google Books, Itunes and Kobo. Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/Gun-Kiss-Khaled-Talib-ebook/dp/B07CVGKQY6 Best wishes, K.T.
  6. M

    Check out one of my crime thrillers for a limited time price of only $0.99!

    Check out one of my crime thrillers for a limited time price of only $0.99! They are located at https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B071KGMTLD. If you purchase one of them and enjoy reading it, then I’d like to ask you for a favor. Would you be kind enough to leave a review for the book on Amazon? It’d...
  7. Khaled Talib

    Goodreads Paperback Giveaway: GUN KISS

    Dear reader, I'm hosting a paperback giveaway on Goodreads for my newly-released thriller, Gun Kiss. If you're game, sign up here http://khaledtalibthriller.com/goodreads-giveaway/ I'm also hosting the same giveaway on Rafflecopter but the rules are different. You'll have to follow me on...
  8. Khaled Talib

    Gun Kiss. “Every page is chock full of angst-riddled action and searing suspense.” – Jon Land

    Synopsis When the Deringer pistol that shot Abraham Lincoln is stolen and ends up in the hands of a Russian military general, covert agent Blake Deco is tasked by the FBI to head to the Balkans to recover the historical weapon. Meanwhile, the United States media is abuzz with news of the...
  9. The Prince Of Darkness

    The Prince Of Darkness - Horror Novel (With Soundtrack and Visuals)

    INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS - Fresh out of high school Oliver Rain escapes living in a small town hidden in the mountains and leaves for the glamorous City of Angels. Like everyone else, he grew up listening to the countless songs, and movies starring Los Angeles as their main stage...
  10. Khaled Talib

    Vatican thriller... free till 4 September on Instafreebie

    Hello, My Vatican thriller, Incognito, is free till 4 September. You can download it at https://www.instafreebie.com/free/6Em0m Hope you enjoy the read, and if you leave a review, that would help too. Thank you, Khaled
  11. Khaled Talib

    The Night Owl Reviews Author Chat Party

    Join me on 17 July 5pm #LosAngeles time. Ask me questions about my new thriller, Incognito, and you'll stand a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Sign up: https://www.nightowlreviews.com/V5/Chats#EntryForm Hope to see you there! Khaled
  12. M

    Free fast-paced mystery/thriller Codename: Chimera (4-8th June only)

    Do you want to participate in the investigation of one of the most mysterious crimes? Together with the private detective Kevin Kris, you are being waited for by amazing adventures, interesting puzzles and unexpected twists. The corpse of a millionaire collecting antiques is found in New York...
  13. Khaled Talib

    The Pope is missing. INCOGNITO. Release date: 15, May

    Dear Reader My new thriller, INCOGNITO, will be released on 15, May by World Castle Publishing. Here's a brief of the story: The Pope is missing. A former SAS commando, a ex-French female military officer, and an American fugitive are dispatched by a covert division of Anonymous to find him...
  14. Deborah Starling

    The Persian Woman by Thomas Booker

    A friend of mine recommended this book to me because he said it was the first book in a very long time that he couldn't put down (and that it had some romance in it too haha). This is a military thriller that follows ex Navy Seal Jeffrey Quinn and his discovery of a journal that speaks on a...
  15. Jordon Greene

    To Watch You Bleed: A Psychological Horror Thriller by Jordon Greene

    To Watch You Bleed by Jordon Greene Kindle $0.99 | Paperback $9.99 Release Date: February 21, 2017 Pre-Order on Amazon SYNOPSIS Dalton Summers is living the American dream. He has a beautiful wife, two kids, a great job, a high-end sports car and a spacious home. But he also has his...
  16. Jordon Greene

    They'll Call It Treason: A Thriller by Jordon Greene

    They'll Call It Treason by Jordon Greene Kindle $2.99 | Paperback $14.99 Get it on Amazon SYNOPSIS A journalist's body is found abandoned in a Washington alleyway. A state representative is brutally murdered in Raleigh. A Virginia Congressman's life is threatened by a radical militia group...
  17. SidneyW

    Dark Hours - new thriller novella

    My new book from Crossroad Press. With an escaped murderer rumored to be hiding on a small college campus, student journalist Allison Rose accepts a dangerous offer – an exclusive interview with the killer. He wants his side of the story told. She wants to expose the school administration’s...
  18. Dan L. Miller

    New Young Adult Thriller: Snowballs and Sinners

    In this young adult page-turner, Aaron Sawyer, an ideal student at Highland High School, falls into the drug subculture of his school but has no hint of the deadly difficulties he is about to experience. Snowballs and Sinners traces the intense misfortune Aaron suffers as he braves a life filled...
  19. R

    Book Recommendation Help Please!!!

    Hello, I am currently in the process of cultivating data for an upcoming thesis paper I have due. I plan to center this paper around the idea of empathy. I am particularly fascinated with empathy as it is intriguing to know how or why we are so driven to be able to "feel" for our fellow man. A...
  20. Samantha Cole

    The Trident Security Series - Come and meet the Sexy Six-Pack!

    The men of Trident Security are retired Navy SEALs now working in the private sector with government contracts. In addition, the Sexy Six-Pack, as they were dubbed in Book 1, are Dominants in the BDSM community and the club founded by two members of the team. When they are not off saving the...