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the ruins


New Member
Scott Smith book,really scary.Set in Mexico it is a radical change from his first novel " A simple plan" witch was quiet good(so was the movie)

If any of you read it ,tell me what you think!if not try it
I read it a few months ago. Really trippy! I'd sure recommend it to other readers. All the kids at first seem so inane (much like Cloverfield at first before the monster starts running amok), but once they are on the road and then reach the Ruins, it's a tense and horrific read. Smith sure conjured up some wild stuff! Perhaps the contrast between the silly kids on vacation, and then terrified kids trying desperately to stay safe, was the point.

I'm definitely planning to see the movie!
I read The Ruin about a month ago and thought it was an excellent story.

I was surprised by the order in which they died and who was the last one. Sad, I felt the worst for Eric, I feel he suffered the most, at least Pablo was in and out of consciousness.
I read it a few weeks ago and I honestly didn't care for it. I thought the story was predictable, the author immature, and I didn’t care for the ending.
It could've used a good editing, but overall I enjoyed it, especially the ending. I like it that Smith didn't skip on the grue either.
I'm in the process of reading this book, just got it a few days ago from a book store down the street. I want to compare it to the movie, but I'd rather read the book first. I think the character development is pretty good, showing what each other's lifestyles are.
I read A Simple Plan a few years ago. Haven't gotten to Ruin. A Simple Plan could have ended slightly earlier, other than that, a great study on how things go horribly wrong.