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lenny nero
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  • Forbidden Deviation! Love it. I'm still going through all the covers right now. I want to own one of these! (And read it, of course).

    Wow... last season of Dex, eh? It better come to some hell of a conclusion if that's the case.
    And I do want to watch Spartacus. I know it's streaming, but I also know that Netflix may be getting rid of their Starz play.
    Oh my goodness! I had no idea this was the last season of House! Wow... I cannot wait for a complete series blu-ray set.

    Yes, I knew about Edelstein leaving. Crazy! I was hoping she would be apart of closing up the series (but maybe she still will). And I did enjoy that season premiere.

    And why is Kal Penn doing another Harold & Kumar? I thought he quit acting. :p
    I'm obsessed with Bryan Cranston now. Malcolm in the Middle is now streaming on Netflix. I'm watching it and am just amazed by his acting range. :p Heh.
    Damn it. I missed the new Dexter. I'll watch it On Demand at Paul's parents'.
    Breaking Bad is amazing. I'm already watching the fourth season.

    Ugh. Can't wait for new Mad Men (next year, right?).
    House & Dexter comin' up soon too, eh?
    Do you watch Breaking Bad? I just got into that because it was recently added to instant Netflix.
    I actually don't like Roger Sterling! Paul's sister thinks he's a handsome older man, but I don't at all. There's nothing I really like about his character. He was also on a full season of Desperate Housewives and he was pretty despicable on that also.

    Peggy's my favorite character and I do heart Don Draper.

    Can you say the same for Vampyres (regarding the cinematography)? Because Black Candles almost had a home-movie look to it.
    Near Dark wasn't bad. I really liked the vampire family in that movie. It had a great music score as well.
    I tried but could not finish it. I think it was the protagonist's secrets and his family that annoyed me. Maybe I'll try Ghost Story or Julia.
    I haven't! I don't think I even knew about it! Thanks for letting me know, I'll look it up!
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