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thriller authors?


New Member
i would like to try out some new authors
can anybody recommend some really good authors who write thrillers?i dont mind old ones
offhand i can say i have read the following authors:

Jeffrey Archer
Frederick Forsythe
Robert Ludlum
Sidney Sheldon
Tom Clancy
Irving Wallace
John Grisham
Erle Stanley Gardner
Anthony Parsons
I've read quite a few books from the authors in your list so our tastes seem pretty similar so you might want to try the following:

Jeffrey Deaver - He wrote Bone Collector but the 2nd Lincoln Rhyme novel The Coffin Dancer is much better.

Robert Harris - Fatherland is a very good 'it could have happened novel' also Enigma is excellent

Phillip Kerr - I've read several of his books and everyone is different, try 'A five year plan' to see if you like him.

James Patterson - His books are getting a bit samey but his early stuff like 'Kiss the Girls' is very good.

Also the Gulf War writes, Andy McNab, Chris Ryan and John Nicol write some good and not so good stuff.

Happy Reading
I don't know why, but looking down your list, Jack Higgin's 'The Eagle Has Landed' keeps springing to mind

'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,' 'The Spy who came in from the cold' - John Le Carre

Len Deighton - he's written a few trilogies - start with the 'Hook Line and Sinker' series
The Straw Men - Michael Marshall

It's not a thriller in the Tom Clancy style, more in the Robert Harris style, I think. Anyway, whatever it is, it was one hell of a read. Had me hooked all the way through. And the sequel is coming out soon, so there is no better time to get it read.
And yes, he is the guy who writes them really good Sci-Fi novels.
Vince Flynn is a bit of Clancy-style, but with more action and less technical detail. I've read his first two books (Term Limits and Transfer of Power) and found them to be quite entertaining, on-the-edge-of-your-seat style of stories.
I don't read much in this arena, but I've had a lot of people recommend Lisa Scottoline for people who like Grisham.
Now look at what you guys have done:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

you have flooded me with recommendations. now i am more confused than i was before posting this thread!!

thanks a lot easybeat , fluffy , ashlea , igkuk , chewbecca , eviltwin :). i am indebted to you. :)
keep the good work going

*raises hand*

I got one! Iain Banks is quite enjoyable (well, frankly, he's brilliant).

Cheers, Martin :D
Well, it's hard to classify. He's trying something new with every book.

As for me, personally, I started out with his debut novel The Wasp Factory, and, as I've said elsewhere, it was the literary equivalent of a slap in the face, utterly brilliant (but, I must add, not really a thriller). I've written a review about it right here.

Right now I'm reading his Dead Air, which I am absolutely loving, and that's sort of a thriller, but also, not really. That's all the Banks-books I've read, and he's already one of my favourite authors. He has also written a book called Complicity, which (I've heard) is very good, and I believe that that is a thriller (but you'll have to ask Igkuk for the specifics).

All in all, give him a try.

Cheers, Martin :D
Yes, Complicity is a thriller. It's basically about some guy who goes around killing people in the most yucky ways imagineable. Very simple, but very good and extremely effective.

He also does Sci-Fi novels which are just as good.
Harlan Coben - Tell No One, Gone for Good, No Second Chance

Dennis Lehane - Prayers for Rain and others in the Patrick Kenzie series and Shutter Island

Lee Child - the Jack Reacher series
Glenn Meade goes quite well for an adventurous thrill-read. Definitely more my cup of tea than Robert Harris.

Also, you might want to check out Victor O'reilly (just three thrillers but quite fascinating)


If I may you could also read my Thriller, Roadworks.
It is available as an Ebook on Fictionwise.com

Maybe someone already said this, but Michael Slade is REALLY good. His(actually, Michael Slade is a pseudonym for Jay Clark and his daughter) books are both as far away and close at the same time as you can get. However, they don't sell many of them anymore, all I can get are Bed of Nails and Death's Door.
Eric Von Lustbader wrote some amazing novels in the 80's and 90's He writes for the Ludlam estate now.
Cussler is always good for a quick thriller with historical fiction.
De Binder writes great psychic thrillers