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To start things off: Favorite books


Welcome to the new Teen and Young Adult forum! I hope we will attract readers of all ages who are interested in this genre.

Let's start things off with some of your favorite books. This doesn't have to be literary rocket science. It can be your guilty pleasure, if you are so inclined. (We can leave the rocket science for another thread ;) )

I know we have been discussing this topic elsewhere, but repeats are OK.

For me:

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. As a child, I found it terribly romantic.


Childhood favorites? Hmm, that list would have to include: Dragonriders of Pern original series
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Laura Ingalls Wilder Books
A Wrinkle in Time, Madeline L'Engle
Red Planet, Robert A. Heinlein

I also read several of Heinlein's books that were directed at teens/young adults, but I have no clue what the titles were other than Red Planet. (City in the Sky? Something like that....)

I actually have these and several others boxed up for my children when they reach an age where they can appreciate them.

Dawn, is that what you had in mind?

P.S. I must add The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings to this list. I read them in Junior High and was much better off for it, to be sure.


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My list of favorite kids' books would be far, far too much for you. Although Harry Potter is a great series, I'll have to put my absolute favorite as a tie between Little Women and the Prydain Chronicles. By the way, does anyone know definitively how Prydain is pronounced?


The Laura Ingalls Wilder Books (I wonder how many times I've read those!)
Little Women
Harry Potter
The Neverending Story

Can't think of anything else now...


Hello my name is Diego. I'm new to this forum. I am 12 years old, I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and most of you know my mom, Dawn. I like to skate(hence the screen name) listen to music and eat! Well here are a list of my favorite books

Artemus Fowl, Harry potter, Chain letter, And then there were None, (also titled Ten Little Indians) Go ask Alice, (my favorite book) and so much more but I can't name them all.


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Originally posted by jessica
By the way, does anyone know definitively how Prydain is pronounced?

I don't do "definitively" :p However, I found a pronunciation guide here:


I don't know the books, but looking at that list the language is clearly based closely on Welsh, and "Prydain" in Welsh means "Britain". The Welsh pronunciation of "Prydain" is something close to "pruh-DIE-in", with the last two syllables run together somewhat.

Cymru am byth! (Wales forever!)
Dafydd. ;)


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If you are Welsh you should read the books. Lloyd Alexander based them on Welsh mythology and the terrain of Wales. I read the books as a kid, but didn't realize the Welsh corrolation until I started doing academic Welsh research. By the way, do you speak Welsh? I have tried to get a grasp of the language but it's hard without having a native speaker around. Sorry, I can prattle on forever about all things Welsh.


Just call me Diego. I read it not too long ago. It was a little confusing at parts but once i got through the first few chapters i was ok.


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jessica: I'm not Welsh, but I do have Welsh ancestry (I have avises and Lloyds not too far back), and like the country a lot. As for the language, I have the same problem as you do, living as I do in England...

Dw i'n dysgu, ond dw i ddim yn gallu siarad yr iaith yn dda iawn!
(I'm learning, but I can't speak the language very well!)

If you're after a clear and sensible grammar, then I'd suggest you can't do better than "Modern Welsh: A Comprehensive Grammar" by Gareth King, published by Routledge at £22.50. Actually, pretty much anything by King is likely to be good.

David (aka Dafydd!)


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Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered some Welsh language CD's from work. I'll let you know if any of them have good pronunciation technique.--jessica


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I read Futuretrak Five by Robert Westall when I was a teenager, and enjoyed it so much I read it again shortly aftewards. Looking back now I didn't really understand all the subtle undertones in the book - a lot of social politics going on under the surface.


when I was a youngster, it seems a lifetime away now, even thought I'm only 30, my favorite reads were Enid Blyton's Famous Five books.
Hey all, Well it is great to see so much variety. Well two of my favorites are the phantom tollbooth and The sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Everytime I say or even write that is sounds weird to me. Well anyways the book shows how four girl stay together while they are apart. Well that is one of my favorites. Talk to you later.