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U.S. not the fattest anymore!

beer good

Well-Known Member
Good job. I did notice when I was in NYC a few weeks ago that it's virtually impossible to buy any sort of food these days without being told how many calories is in it. Seems to be working.


Well-Known Member
Love beer's comment. The mayor is getting a ton(pun not intended) of criticism about the banning of certain sizes of soft drinks and the like. Behavioral economics appears to be all the rage these days-laws against obesity products and employee "wellness" plans most prominently come to mind. I get a kick out of the latter. A sedentary caller from a call center asks me about my wellness. The conversation doesn't go far after I relay that I've run three marathons and am currently working to participate in a boot camp style program for a day featuring tons of obstacles and a 10 mile run in-between. The "wellness" thing sounds good on paper, but in the end, studies will find insignificant results when it comes to helping the corporate bottom line.


Active Member
I saw this on the news! No more big gulps for the big apple? I do happen to like the idea of menus with calorie information on them though. I don't know if it is going to help people who aren't actively trying to improve their health but it is a neat perk for people who are conscious of that sort of thing.
Good for you on marathons and such! That's a pretty huge undertaking.


Active Member

Honestly, I don't mind the nutritional/calorie info on menus. It can be pretty helpful. Banning the Big Gulp altogether feels pushy and I'm not sure how productive it really is. I tend to think being active is the thing they need to concentrate on, but anyway...

Chris Markowski

New Member
Well this happened because all the obese people in Mexico can't jump the fence to get in the U.S., only the skinny ones. So we have an increase in skinny people in the U.S. due to this, plus a decrease in skinny people in Mexico... viola' - Mexico wins.