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Underlining: Addition or Subtraction

If the book isn't yours it's vandalism and I won't buy a second hand book with some one else's notes in it.

The only books I write in are text books and then mostly not. Even if I thought a thing important once, does not mean I will still think it important later. I prefer using a notebook.
I agree. If I think something is significant or interesting, I'll use small post-it/sticky notes. I had a lot if stickies in Gravity's Rainbow!

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Personally I've tried stickies but I found I keep track of related quotes better if I use a notebook and rewrite them entirely. It also helps stick the info in my head doing that as well.
I don't underline in books as a rule though I sometimes buy a really cheap version of a book if I need to underline things for research, hence I've got at least three copies of Ulysses and I think I also have several of Finnegans Wake. If it's a library book, I use sticky notes and I write things down in a notebook, I only use the stickies to make it easier for myself to locate the lines I need.
This is true...always double check your notations. There's always some imbecile who really didn't understand the text and has margin notes like "Camus might have been referring to a chipmunk in this paragraph?"
I suddenly recall Harry Potter acing potions because of a textbook that was annotated with numerous helpful hints...

Than again, I also recall myself owning a chemistry textbook whose previous owner felt the need to reiterate everything about H-bonds...