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Vince Flynn - Dead at 47!!


Well-Known Member
Very sad indeed. Thoughts and prayers going out for his family. A friend of ours died Monday at 57. Not sure what kind of cancer he had, but still, much too early.


New Member
Two elderly gentlemen in our community were killed in a traffic accident this past week. The driver was 90, his passenger 85. Both were retired businessmen, still played golf, and seemed to really enjoy life. What a way to go! They drove through a stop sign, directly into the path of a tractor-trailer. At that age, so many suffer with cancer or don't know anyone around them as they suffer with dementia. I'm almost 67. Have seen so many elderly not enjoy the last few years of life. These two, were enjoying life right up until they left this Earth.

Always sad to see young folks go early. My wife's father was 49 when he passed. Took my wife years to get over the hurt. One of our son-in-laws lost a sister when she was 40. We just never know when our time is up. I prefer that, rather than know that on a specific date the bell would tole.


Active Member
Sad news. Not a good week, between him and James Gandalfini (though that was a heart attack apparently, not cancer).

Sorry to hear about your friend too, abc. My mom died of lung cancer at 50 and I'm still kind of raw about it.