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Violent Sports

Should dangerous / violent sports be banned?

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The concept of football (to drive down the field and score while preventing the other team from doing so), yes that is how the game is played. However, if you can remove the opposing teams star player(s) you can increase your chances to win. This is coached and practiced. Maybe not in football where it's younger kids just learning to play (pony leagues, Pop Warner, etc.), but definitely in professional, collegiate, and high school football. Same applies in hockey, if you can knock out the opposing team's star player, you'll increase your chances of winning.

Many analysts have predicted there will be an on field fatality in professional football in the next three years. Players are so much stronger and faster today then what they were ten, twenty, thirty years ago. The advances in equipment (pads, helmets) used to help protect the players, is insignificant compared to the speed and strength of today's athletes.

I love Mixed Martial Arts and have to say that now they have rules and regulations to protect the fighters. Back in the days, there were no time limits, no weight classes, no rules except headbutt are not allow, etc; now the sports has come a long way with time limits, weight classes, drug testing, etc.
Am I the only one who would like to see a chiangmaifalcon versus Tai_Mai_Shu throwdown?
Hi guys
I think that the violent sports are too dangerous for kids and sometime for adults..we should choose the sports which are fit to our capabilities.