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Want to write a poem for my boyfriends birthday. Don't know how to go about it.


New Member
His birthday is at the end of March so I have heaps of time, but I want to write him a poem. I have written many poems before, so I'm not new to it.
I just don't know how to go about it.

I don't want a lovey-duvey thing thats all mushy and flowery, but something more open and creative and blunt.

Any ideas or suggestions?



New Member
Maybe you could start with a metaphor. That might get you started--comparing an object or event of everyday life with your feelings for him. When the muses aren't working, though, it's very hard to write poetry and it can come out forced. Give them some time; you have another month.


Active Member
Write an acrostic sonnet, or something.

BIRTHDAY WISHES, for example, contains the correct number of letters.



New Member

At all costs you want to avoid the sort of thing you'd find in a greetings card. In other words you want real feelings, real experience.

How about making a list of special things that only you and he know about - your favourite jokes, places, things that only you two share?

Once you have those, you should be able to assemble them into a kind of ordered structure; maybe choose an existing poem as a model if you like working within constraints. But the golden rule should be: write only what is true. Avoid stuff that's simply 'poemy' (you've already said as much yourself...)