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Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
OK, so if I am understanding you correctly, threads you have replied to but have had no subsequent replies since your last reply "disappear" but all the other threads remain?


Not to mention you get near real time alerts whenever someone replies to the thread. Alerts are in the upper right hand corner of the forum.


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Thank you Sparky and Brent for your attention. There are so many new nooks and corners and ways of doing things that I hope this is my final comment.

But, I see that Writer's Room is now available without logging in, whereas it had not been publicly available previously. I would prefer that it be kept limited for BAR members only, although I realize other more professional writers might prefer that their work be widely available. Dunno, but my preference is for semi-privacy, as it was. Either way I'll survive and adjust my posting there accordingly.


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It looks like blogs will not be returning. Good riddance at that.
That sure is a punch in the gut. I hope it wasn't your opinion that shaped the choice of new software here, expecially without warning.
Very very sorry at this turn of events. Thumbs down.

Any chance to retrieve our stuff from gehenna? :(