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Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
That sure is a punch in the gut. I hope it wasn't your opinion that shaped the choice of new software here, expecially without warning.

I don't think any mod will weep over the demise of blogs.

Except for helping identify issues, I had nothing to do with the software upgrade.

Very very sorry at this turn of events. Thumbs down.

As my old project manager used to say: it is what it is.

Any chance to retrieve our stuff from gehenna? :(

Brent has the data but I don't know the level of effort required to extract it. I guess you could send him a private message and ask nicely for your stuff. The worst he can say is no.


Well-Known Member
I don't think any mod will weep over the demise of blogs.

Well, as you say the damage is done.

But I have always been curious why the moderator(s) hated the blogs. It has been said repeatedly on this forum, but never with explanation. Might now be the right time to confess?

I'll try being nice to Brent.


OK, Its going to take some getting used to. I definitely like some of the stuff I'm seeing. Is there a way to get to the first unread post in a thread from What's New without having to read the whole thread? I think I missed that.

What the heck are trophies and what are they for?


Swag schmag...what can I get with them?! ;)

And what happened to my sig line? Crap. Now I have to go find something suitably moronic to individuate myself.


New Member
In order to progress our forum and keep up with the times, we are now running a new forum software. The basics are all here that were in our previous software but the site will now be a lot faster to browse.

Take some time and poke around and feel free to ask any questions you have here and I will be glad to help you in anyway that I can.

This is the same software Brent has utilized on other forums he owns, one of which I WAS a long-time member of. As with any change... especially when you get to be my age... it takes some getting used to. On the other discussion board, this software was a welcome change and has worked extremely well.

I'm new enough, here, to not know about the "blogs" of which you speak. This being a forum utilized by avid readers, I would imagine there are also some aspiring writers. Let's challenge Brent to find some means that can be added to allow some more lengthy contributions, if that would be an option championed by a majority of the members here.