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What are you listening to Right now?


New Member
Tennessee by Arrested Development

I have the most diversified playlist on Pandora, ever. The only thing that's not on there is country music because it makes me want to open a vein.
Try "Bluegrass", everyone can learn to appreciate good music.
I don't mind the first or second Bluegrass piece....it's the ones after that make me crawl the walls. Spousal Unit was listening to one on Austin City Limits that made my skin crawl...not nice music at all.


Active Member
Like I said, anything but country, including classical, oldies, techno, electronica, classic rock, alternative rock, pop, hip hop, rap, and, yes, even bluegrass.

Sandstorm by Darude


Active Member
Many have tried. None have yet to succeed. It seriously is like listening to a baby cry non-stop for me. I just cannot stand it. Don't get me wrong, there are many country songs that I've heard so many times I could sing along, but I still don't like them and contemplate removing my ears whenever I hear most of them.


Active Member
The banality of the chorus and the actual content mostly. I guess I'm too much of a "city girl" to wish I was a cowboy (unless it was a Dallas Cowboy - that'd be SO cool!).