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What type of book you prefer?


New Member
What type of book you prefer to read? Ebook or Paperback/Hardcover?

And in Ebook there are several types. PDF, Mobi, Epub etc.

I like harcover/paperback book than ebook.
A friend gave me his first Kindle (he had upgraded) and I find myself using that more and more, but if given the choice I still prefer hardback paper books to ebooks - old habits die hard. I only use the Kindle for '.mobi' files which are free downloads from the Gutenberg's website.
I preferred iBook until I won a Kindle Fire in a raffle.

Now it's Kindle all the way, even on my iPhone and iPad I prefer the Kindle app.
:cool: Nothing can beat an actually physical book nothing, but I do have two ebooks. I will say though with the ereaders you can take your books with you on the road and do not have to worry have a load of books to carry with you. Again reading and holding a real book and smelling the what comes off an old book. Another thing when you turn the page of a book nothing beats the anticipation of what will happen next.:buttrock