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Which e-reader do you own?

Which e-reader do you own?

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A colleague at work gave me his Kindle when his mother bought him a bigger one for some occassion or other.
It's okay at the price.
Why don't you care who doesn't have an e-reader?

Anyway, I have a Nook. Not sure which one. The cheapo that every person in the UK must have by now, there have been enough deals. I think I've read one full book on there due to the effort involved in transferring Kindle books from my laptop via Calibre. (Huge effort, right?) I could buy books from B&N but I use the Kindle app on my phone and iPod and obviously don't want to be purchasing books twice. Plus Amazon is very clever, they know what they're doing with their luring Kindle book prices and promotions, free app, and whatnot. I also can't figure out how to get library books on there.

I use my phone in bed. It's a good size and obviously backlit, which my Nook isn't.

I've got a tablet as well. It's a Samsung and I'm not impressed. Never read a book on there, not even on a plane.
My first e-reader and now trusty companion is a Kindle Fire HD. It's become a permanent attachment to my right hand. hehe
I have to admit I mostly read eBooks on my smart phone. But if I'm not reading them there, it's using my Surface.
I now have a Tesco Tablet, a Hudl 2. My recent purchases in order were Hudl 2, bed then couch. My priorities are all wrong.
I've a Kindle Paperwhite, battery lasts about a month, depending on how much I am reading.

I typically have Wi-Fi switched off though.
This past Christmas, I received a Nook GlowLight. It's incredible!
Before I used it, I could never fathom not reading a physical book, but I am so addicted to it! It's also incredibly convenient to be able to carry around hundreds of books without it weighing me down. It's also easy to download books, instead of going to the library or saving up money for the bookstore. There are so many free books available at the touch of a button! Well, screen, really.
My first infobabbletablet was a Kindle Fire HDX 7". It's about the same size as a paper back. The screen seems very high rez - you cannot see the pixels. It also helpful to set the display to white text on a black background. The text is very clear and easy to read.

The cheaper version only has 16GB in total. There is another two further version, one with advert on the screen saver. The one with adverts is cheaper, but you can contact customer service to get the advert switched off for free.
I want a paperwhite but as long as my current Kindle is still working, I can't justify buying a paperwhite.
I am using a Paperwhite now because I killed my last Kindle (keyboard) It's OK but I miss the page turning buttons. I'm paranoid my screen will get scratched.