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why I hate tv crime shows

The Butcher

New Member
Forensics was never a interesting thing to me unless it was Dexter Morgan doing it.I always preferred the Detective work.


New Member
I prefer it also because during my career, I never really got into technology. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Modern forensics is a wonderful thing, but it is baffling to me. I would always rather do things the old-fashioned way. Actually my retirement was not all my idea. My bosses used to call me a dinosaur. Anyway, I am definitely no computer whiz. I can barely figure out how to work this forum.
Southland and Justified are both awesome and gadget-less. Great actors, great writing and visually stunning, in a very un-CSI kind of way.

lenny nero

New Member
I'm a fan of Justified as well. Based on the Elmore Leonard character. The Wire isn't just one of the best cop shows, it's one of the best shows of all time period. Some of the best writing for tv ever.

sky Heaton

New Member
It seems effects and violence seem to dominate crime shows today, rather than good scripts. Crime shows seem to be flawed with errors and make you question how half the characters within the shows would be a law enforcement officers in a real scenario.

Take some of the characters

Ziva David (NCIS): With her father and brother being linked to a terrorists group how did she get past her security clearance when being recruited as a navel officer?

Criminal Minds has to be the worse for characters and most of them come with a list of mental and emotional issues. Aaron Hotcher a full time dad managing work and child care responsibilities as a single dad. Not only does he have his emotional issues but he is constantly being attacked by unsubs, weekly dealing with psychical and emotional problems. Spencer Reid who has an on and off drug problem plus a family history of mental health problems. Then there Morgan from a abusive background, and Gracia, the orphan child brought up in the care system. Not only do a majority of characters come with baggage but almost every week the cases they work on are connected to them some how.

This trait seems to continue in CSI: Miami, NCSI and NCSI: LA. It makes you question are criminals and the police all connected with one another and with the amount of mental and emotional problems the shows depict the police could have, are they the right people to safeguard the streets.


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
Ziva's father was the director of Mossad. Besides, she wasn't a naval officer, she was an inter-state liaison and a Mossad agent herself.


Former Moderator
I think the connection between the criminal mind and police mind is well known. In order to catch a crook you have to think like one. The difference of course (in theory anyway) is that the police are on the side of right and good.


^ I kinda agree with his comment but not sure what it has to do with this thread.

Ziva, she was easy on the eyes. No more information should be required beyond that. : |

Polly Parrot

Staff member
He's a bit old though. I like McGee because he's got that cute nerdy thing going on, I always want to pinch him when I see him on. :D


Former Moderator
Are you calling me OLD???? *gasps of horror* At least I didn't say Robert McCallum even though I remember watching Man From Uncle. In my defense we saw American TV shows that were donkey's years old when our TV started in the mid 70's.


Former Moderator
I like his character - no nonsense, minimal respect for authority when its full of the proverbial brown stuff ...

Karen C

I love crime shows and, yes, admittedly they might not be technically correct as far as the science and procedures go but it IS television. It's supposed to be entertaining and if they got too caught up in the science it would be a bit TOO technical and, dare I say it, boring. Plus, they have to fit an entire case into one show.... not easy if the characters have to wait weeks or even months for DNA results etc.

The same goes for the beautiful casts, it might not be very realistic but as already mentioned by others, it's the way it is as far as television and movies go. You just have to go with it.

My favorite shows are NCIS (I have a crush on Tony), NCIS: Los Angeles, Blue Bloods (which I've only recently gotten into), CSI: New York and my absolute favourite Bones... which if you don't watch you really, really should.

I also used to love Third Watch which was a little different because it was a mixture of Police and Fire Department and wasn't technical at all. I used to love the original CSI too but I didn't like it when they killed off Warrick and then with the loss of Grissom too it just didn't do anything for me anymore. I also watched The Mentalist for a while but gave up mid-way through Season 3 (I think) because it was getting a bit old. Every episode seemed similar to the last one.


Former Moderator
YAY NCIS fan! I have a soft spot for Gibbs lol so there :p

I haven't warmed to either of the two CSI spinoffs at all as I find the lead characters very unsympathetic.

The one thing that amuses me on these shows is the quality of CCTV footage which they then manage to clean up to an extraordinary degree (and in record time). I bet real law enforcement would love that software if it really existed.
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New Member
I used to watch CSI years ago when it was on and loved it. Then they changed their character lineup and it was not good anymore. So rarely do I watch these kinds of crime shows. I will however watch crime shows that reinact murders and other crimes that happened in real life.