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Ye olden days.


Active Member
How lovely that this place is still around and brimming with activity. It must've been a good three years since I last logged in and several years more even since I was an active part of this here community.

I just noticed that it's been almost nine years since I registered here. Seems a lifetime ago.

Anyway, a heartfelt hello to all, especially to the people I knew way back when, if you're still around.
Hey Martin,
Welcome back. I'm not sure that we quite overlapped, but your name is certainly familiar to me.
There has indeed been a lot of water under the bridge -- and a long time between drinks.;)
Hang around.
I think we did overlap, if only briefly. I do intend to stick around, one can never have enough book discussion, but I am shamefully bad at keeping something like this up.

We'll see how it goes, no?