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You know you're addicted to reading when...


New Member
When you give your friends books for their birthdays just so that you can ask to borrow them. . .

I'm guilty of doing this to my husband.

A little boy that lives on my street obviously is addicated to reading...he rides his bicycle to the library and then rides home with no hands, because he is reading the book he just checked out.... one day I'm scared he's gonna crash!! He tells me he just can't wait to get home to start his new book!


Active Member
You know you're addicted to reading when...

You finish a book and have that 30 seconds of sheer horror thinking that you've read them all and have nothing else to read.

You forget to put on sunscreen because the first thing you did when you got onto the beach was open your book.

You forget your coworker's name but can easily name every character mentioned in the last 20 books you've read.

When you lose your job and your first concern is not "how am I going to pay my mortgage?" but "how in the hell am I going to buy more books?".


New Member
When you turn 15, you get a phone call from your local librarian offering you an after-school job...possibly one of the best days ever :D


New Member
When you (me!) are all stressed (under statement) because the purchase date to get the new B&N Nook has not arrived yet. Grrrr!



New Member
After crawling for days on the desert floor, your brain, instead of thinking of a tall, icy cold glass of water, instead dreams of books, books, and more books. This sad fact is what energizes your zeal for survival.


New Member
You have maxed out your library card.

Thank goodness you can't do that! At least not here. I would have done so the first year I joined the library here...Yes I'll admit I have a bit of a reading 'problem' and have had such since I learned how, nurtured the first time I was read to nearly 27 years ago, maybe even 27 years ago, I wouldn't doubt I was read to in the womb.


New Member
I believe I have found my missing extended family right here amongst all you fellow addicts. All these lists of symptoms fit my profile so well. At the moment, I'm in the market for a purse that looks cool, but will hold at least one book in progress, a small notebook, a vast array of pens, a datebook, and oh yeah, my billfold..

Another sign one might be addicted to books: when a mere bookbag is not enough for an average library trip..and you buy one of those milkcrates on wheels, with long handle..THEN you might need a 12-Step program..:D
(this from someone who once longed for a wheel barrow for those library trips)

I need something with wheels to go to the library, my habits are starting to hurt my back. Then I'd have even more of an excuse for coming home with everything that looked interesting.

I agree on the purse too.. My requirement is 'fits a standard paperback'. I hate getting caught anywhere I might be bored and/or talked to/solicited at against my will. What if I got trapped in an elevator or something? With a book I think that could almost be good.


New Member
when you not only max out your library card, but also your boyfriends'...

when buying books is the only retail therapy that works...

when every time you go on a trip, no matter how many books you packed, you always buy another one at the airport, just because you can't resist...


New Member
its christmas time you go and vistis family and friends. But can't wait to get out of there and continue reading your book. Me "Marley" he he :)


New Member
Hehe~ funny thread, i did some of them in the list, now i have to work a lot so don't have enough time for reading, but i always bring a pocketbook with me.


New Member
You know your addicted when

Every social event you are invited to you bring a book with

You start reading in every class you have

Start neglecting your friends

Your heart beats twice as fast when you hear someone discussing books

You get fidgety when you know you will be able to go home and finnish the book

You spend HOURS staying up later then you should trying to finnish a book