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Young at Heart


Active Member
Of course, 72 isn't really very old these days, is it? As long as her eye sight and reaction time are still good I think it is great. I see a lot of elderly people in my line of work and I'll tell you, half of aging is in our minds. I've come across people in their 90s who are in better physical condition than most people in their late 60s.

Besides, when she's 88 and still driving it, she probably won't take up six spaces at the grocery store like she would in a caddy! ;)


New Member
My wife goes to "Curves" 3 times a week. A girl that works there is from Hawaii and was telling my wife that her aunt will be celebrating her 99th birthday soon and that her aunt attends "Curves" in Hawaii.

btw, I am proud of my wife. She attends Curves 3 times a week and also walks on our treadmill 2 days a week. Her weight is down to 118 lbs and she is in great shape. She watches her diet and is conscious of her health. Late this year we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.


Active Member
Wow, Muggle, that's amazing! Huge congratulations for your Golden Wedding Anniversary later in the year :D :D


Well-Known Member
Great Article, great car, marvelous attitude! :D

And congrats on the 50th! That is an achievement to be proud of....the both of you. Wow! 118#..../sigh/ Haven't seen that in awhile! :rolleyes: :D