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Your most Treasured Book


New Member
What book do you own that means the most to you, either sentimentaly or monetary?

Mine is actually 5 books, its a Leatherbound set of Winston Churchill's Series on World War Two, the revised edition, autgraphed by the ol' man himself


That would have to be "Surprised By Joy," C.S. Lewis. It provided a great deal of encouragement to me during a particularly difficult period in my life and is one of those books I try to reread annually.


New Member
I have a really old paperback copy of The Fellowship of the Ring, it was my mother's as a child and is now in several pieces and covered with sellotape, but reading the old yellowy pages always recaptures for me the feeling of first reading this book as a child - something which I find particularly valuable, especially with the various adaptations which I have seen and heard that change the 'feel' of the story.


New Member
Wow. That is a tough question! I don't think I have a most treasured book... I have STACKS OF THEM! Seriously, I have books that were my grandfathers, my mothers etc that I love. I have books that really got me through hard times, books that cemented my love of reading, whole series I am very fond of etc... Every year I read the fellowship of the ring & the silmarillion, and also the james herriot books... maybe they are my most treasured? I'm not sure.

I could never survive without easy access to a lot of books.



New Member
Book with the most sentimental value has to be The House at Pooh Corner, which my brother gave me on my 16th birthday reminding me never to lose my inner child. But most treasured book will have to be my Millennium collector's edition of Lord of the Rings which I spent HEAPS of money on (in comparison to how much I'm willing to pay for books). Went on a trip sometime back and told my partner that he was welcome to all my belongings EXCEPT my guitar and LOTR books. When I came back, I found out that he not only loan my LOTR books to a friend, but that his friend had actually damaged 3 of the 5 books. Was so furious with him, I almost ended our relationship, lol! :p


New Member
When I was a child, my father used to read me a story called "Pigs is Pigs" by Ellis Parker Butler. It was in a complilation. A few years ago, he looked for the original compilation and couldn't find it. Instead, he bought me a 1st Ed 1906 edition. Being my father, he defiled the inside by dedicating it to me... had it been any other book I would have railed at him. As he says in the dedication he hopes that whenever I read it "you (I) will remember the days when you were (I was) on my (his) lap".


New Member
I (quite embarrasingly) still have a whole load of my Enid Blyton's that I read as a kid. The Mallory Towers/St Clares boarding school series, which were really the books that got me hooked on reading so many moons ago. They're not valuable or even in anything approaching good condition, but I can't part with them. They remind me of secretly reading under the covers with a torch, long after I should have put my light out and been asleep, hoping my parents couldn't see the light under the door :)

Grown-up-book wise, I have a 1930 copy of "The Elephant Man and Other Reminisences" by Sir Frederick Treves. Again, not valuable or in any way special, although it is quite hard to come by now. Couldn't part with it if I tried.


New Member
Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman because it articulates some of what I feel about books. Apart from that a lot of my children's books that I still have.


Active Member
I inherited a wonderful edition of a large children's book by Roald Dahl, called The Gremlins, about little imaginary helpers and foes hidden in RAF aircraft, written by him during the war. The artwork is amazing. It's a treasure beyond price.


New Member
Novella, that book's very rare, isn't it?

I'm with Witchchild on this, I can't really choose one book, they all mean a lot to me.


New Member
Been thinking hard about this and I guess that I will go with Halo and Witchchild in that I like them all. I guess however there are a few that have inscriptions from friends and so on that mean just a little more. Well, I like them all :)


Active Member
I don't own many books, but I'd have to say our family Bible. It was given to me by the man I married upon our engagement (he's very religious and it is pretty fancy :eek: ). It records all of the significant events of our life together, our wedding, children's births, baptisms and so forth. I don't have any books from my childhood, anyway :( .


Active Member
I almost only have paperback editions and don't really feel attached to any of my books.


Active Member
SillyWabbit said:
You don't? That surprises me :) Why don't you feel attached to any of your books?
They are all really cheap, and I can go out and buy them again if I want to. If I had a first edition or a book I've had for a long time it would probably be different.


New Member
hay82 said:
If I had a first edition or a book I've had for a long time it would probably be different.
You mentioning first editions has put me in mind of something else I'm pretty attached to - a US first edition of "The Book of Jones" by the illustrator Ralph Steadman. One of the few things I've ever gone silly over having.


New Member
This may seem strange...

Ever since I was fourteen, I have taken an interest in Nationlism/Fascism. Naturally, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy became focal points.. My book collection contains about 15 copies of the early editions of Mein Kampf in English and auf Deutsch. I have read Mein Kampf at least 3-4 times through, and have spent a hefty amount for the collection. For Italy, I have 1928 edition of My Autobiography and a 1948 edition of The Fall of Mussolini. David Irving also appears in my collection and his books run at fifty++ dollars a peice.

...And I'm still collecting.