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Recent content by Beatrycze

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    Ron and Hermione in book 6?

    I read new note on Rowling's page and it made me think...She said that in HBP subject of relationships between Muggleborns and purebloods is to be discussed. May it mean that Ron and Hermione will finally get together in this book? The author has tendency to repeat topics in two-book...
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    Who dies?

    I think that the basis for Harry and Sirius was longing for James. They treated each other as a substitute for him. But Harry in Book 5 lost faith in James and he distanced from Sirius anyway.
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    Who dies?

    It's not only the question of keeping book interesting...Harry couldn't stand Ron's death, he's the closest person for him. His sorrow for Sirius would be nothing compared to that. It would make Sirius death and talk to Luna senseless.
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    Will Harry Die? (spoilers)

    I heard that Rowling said that Hagrid will be in all books. As for twins- I think that killing one would be interesting from a literary standpoint. So far, they are treated as one inseparable entity- and it's IMO exaggerated. I think that George will die, as he seems to be in a way in Fred's...
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    Who dies?

    I wonder why so many people chose Ron? :confused: I'm sure that none of Trio dies before Book 7...
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    Will Harry Die? (spoilers)

    I see nothing romantic between Ginny and Harry- she stopped feeling for him, he was told that she fancied him and didn't react. She is dating other boys and he doesn't care. I can't see Ron changing sides- he was always loyal to Harry, even when he was jealous. And now he knows that Harry's...
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    Harry's Ordeals with ChoChang, is Hermione the one for Harry? *SPOILERS*

    But Rowling said something about little romance for Harry in Book 6...I personally think it would be Luna. I agree with Ron and Hermione. They are just ideal couple. And IMO it's not a problem that it's obvious- Rowling sometimes makes twists and creates mysteries, but romances need build-up...
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    Will Harry Die? (spoilers)

    I am possibly the only one person on the world who thinks that Harry will die and Voldemort will live...but of course not as a winner. In OoP Dumbledore mentions that he can't understand that there are worse things than death- IMO it's evidence he will. Harry won't kill him but will deprive him...
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    Rich Dad/Poor Dad - Education

    And what is it standard? Because if it's the average, then it's mere statistics.
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    Harry's Ordeals with ChoChang, is Hermione the one for Harry? *SPOILERS*

    But Rowling herself said that it's obvious...And Ron is no more immature than Harry and Hermione. ITA :)
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    Heartfelt Sympathy!

    US seismologists couldn't know one hour in advance about tsunami. It travels near the sea bottom and isn't viable even from satellite. It can be noticed only 1-4 m from the coast, which is about 2-5 min before hitting. Knowledge about eathquake isn't enough to know whether tsunami occurs and...
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    Do you think Dumbledore will die?

    Well, as far as I understood prophecy in OoP Harry can be killed, not only by Voldermort- it refers only to Voldemort. And I think that Harry dies in the end- is it really more cliche that hero surviving? I can't imagine his quiet future... IMO, Dumbledore also- in book 6. It would leave...
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    Agatha Christie: The Hollow

    Well, in Polish the title is translated as "The Sunday at the coutry" :) , so it's really confusing... :D
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    America being ridiculous...again

    And what is so suprising? Nation decided. People in Ukraine would like to have that luxury.
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    America being ridiculous...again

    Which countries do you mean? Russia? Byelorussia? Ukraine? Turkey? France where wearing religious symbols is forbidden? Germany with their growing support for nasism and decreasing remorse for it? European Union, which new members are told off for having different opinions? Not to mention Rocco...