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Recent content by Blindsided

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    Changing my perspective on Stephen King

    If you are a reader and haven't tried a few of Stephen Kings books I think you are doing yourself a serious disservice. You can't go wrong with Carrie, Salem's Lot, the Dark Tower series, the Shaw Shank Redemption, etc etc.
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    Nobody reads?

    A lot of people definitely don't read, but there are still those of us out there that do. Young adult fantasy got me hooked on reading when I was 10-11. I believe it was the deltora Quest series. Ps I still watch tv and play video games haha.
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    The Stormlight Archive

    I love this series, anything by Brandon Sanderson is usually pretty good.. This and mistborn were awesome. Elantris was okay.. 10 years though.. In for a long haul.
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    Has anyone read 'the slow regard of silent things' by Patrick Rothfuss?

    I thought it was going to be the third in the King killer trilogy and bought it off amazon without reading the summary.. Haven't started it yet but I was definitely disappointmented when it was delivered and I read what it is about lol
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    Post Book Cover: Your Current Read...

    Just finished the wheel of time.. Finally. Took a long time and there were a couple of books that made me want to give up, but I finally managed it and am glad that I did. The last few books were awesome. It really slowed my reading down and unmotivated me a lot compared to normal but well...
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    Buying New Books An Addiction?

    I'm stuck on book 10 of the wheel of time.. the last 3 books have been torturously slow and I bought a lot of books that I am excited to read in the process. It sucks that the wheel of time started out so good and has such a rough spot. I heard it gets better after book 10 though. I have to...
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    Fantasy series?

    You should probably try Graceling. It's a young adult novel, probably a little more edgy than most of them and has romance and what not.
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    Movies that should have been books

    Ah that movie is awesome. I'm surprised it wasn't a book first honestly haha.
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    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    As of right now, Brandon Sanderson. I like pretty much all of his books and he is my favorite current author. For all time.. I don't really know. There are just too many.
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    Anyone else get motion sick when reading in car?

    My wife gets really motion sick reading in the car, but I can read for hours just fine.
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    The books that started it all.

    For me, it was Del Tora Quest. That book series made me really enjoy reading books. I found it at school when they did that scholastic thing where they set up shop at the school and sell books and gadgets. I picked up Del Tora Quest because it had a cool book cover, then plowed through all of...
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    Bookless libraries

    I'm not going to lie, I've had the kindle since the first version came out, I have read maybe 3-5 books on it, but I still love paper books so much more. Nothing like looking over and seeing your book shelf, my opinion of course.
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    15 Undeniable Truths About Book Nerds

    "We experience book hangover on a regular basis." that one was my favorite
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    Narrative and Philosophy

    David Hume's Natural History of Religion, it's a dialogue and he expresses his ideas differently in this book than his other ones because of this. ( can't go wrong with Hume- was a philosophy major in college and he was definitely my favorite.) @ sfg75- Kant's critique of pure reason has to be...
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    The Seven Realms Series

    I second this. This series is really good. Her heir series is good as well, but the 7 realms is just on a different level. It has everything to make you not be able to put the books down, and then make you feel disappointed when you finish because there aren't anymore. On a side note, I emailed...