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Recent content by Jenem

  1. Jenem

    Deep Fryers

    my sister and her husband are deep frying fanatics. i dont own one because i like my arteries clean. anyway, they deep the harshest stuff- bacon and fish sticks come to mind. who deep fries bacon???? why don't you just shove it directly into your artery? and aren't fish sticks already deep...
  2. Jenem


    i love fish- but not shellfish. nothing better than a fresh filet of salmon on the BBQ. i like fish sticks also- breaded and baked. YUM. and fish n chips- the battered stuff with tartar sauce. OMG- YUM
  3. Jenem

    Best Speculative Fiction Ever Written

    for some reason i couldn't find the VOTE link. here are mine- i don't have 10 that i can think of right now. i am talking strictly speculative fiction- not fantasy or anything too far out sci-fi (i feel there's a difference). 1) Oryx and Crake so many parallels to modern culture- i could...
  4. Jenem

    Short Stories or Novels?

    i like novels more than short stories. the longer, the better. i like to really get to know the characters, and i think you need more than a short story to do that.
  5. Jenem


    hello chop chop, welcome. i dont make it around here often, but i've been here awhile. when i was a kid and my mom wanted to make me hurry, she would always say to me "chop chop!" your name reminded me. :p
  6. Jenem

    Scifi and Fantasy: Where do we draw the line?

    to me, sci-fi is about space travel, or anything that encompasses technological (scientific) developments or regression. fantasy is about the past (usually) and contains elements of myth, ie. dragons etc. the main difference is that one story is based on science and the other on myth...
  7. Jenem

    I just finished reading...

    i just finished 'A Canticle for Leibowitz' by Walter Miller Jr. a great book, interesting and somewhat disturbing. i'm sure i missed some elements since i don't know latin and there are many latin dialogues. some of the religious aspects made me re-analyze the way i feel on certain issues...
  8. Jenem

    The BEST American accent

    i like them all, provided they're not over emphasized. Matt McC's is just my favorite.
  9. Jenem

    Can You Part With Them Easily?

    i keep all my books except the ones that sucked (which are few). those i give to the local used book store. i always want the chance to read them again, and i also have a sentimental attachment to them. the first time i had to pack away all my books i was a little distraught.
  10. Jenem

    T.V.-a love/hate relationship?

    Family Guy Daily Planet i used to watch Alias but last season sucked ass so i don't think i'll continue. i watch LOST which, admittedly, is churned out for the masses, but an enjoyable show i watch a lot of the Discovery channel (things like Disaster Detectives etc) also a lot of History...
  11. Jenem

    T.V.-a love/hate relationship?

    whaddya mean? are you implying i'm a tightass??? did i not banter enough in my response?
  12. Jenem

    ladies please read this for your own good

    LOL sorry to dampen the mood! Ya Krunk- yes, there may be perky ones to look at always, but as time goes by there will always be more brown saggy sets than perky pairs!
  13. Jenem

    ladies please read this for your own good

    what does it do for the health of the people who have to watch the women go topless? let's be honest ladies- going topless regularly means our breasts would be down to our knees in a matter of years (without surgery). so the majority of topless women aren't going to be so fun to look at after...
  14. Jenem

    T.V.-a love/hate relationship?

    i enjoy tv. i value it, really. i dont watch the mindless crap that hollywood churns out for the masses, but i do enjoy the shows i choose to watch and i learn a lot. there's some interesting stuff on tv if you care to look for it. i have thought about taking the tv out of my bedroom, but i...
  15. Jenem

    Plot points you can't stomach?

    i can handle most types of scenes and i haven't yet encountered anything disturbing enough for me to put down a book. i've read rape scenes and mutilation etc, but i don't know that i could read a scene that involved graphic child molestation. when i read i visualize and i dont think i could...