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lenny nero
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  • re: MMax
    I'll make an angry face or a kissy face. :p j/k

    re: MMen
    Your welcome! It's funny looking at these photos, I've no idea what's going on.
    Yes, this time when you meet MM, you hafta make an angry face!

    Haha, I love Roger and Joanie! Roger has the best lines on the show. Thanks for these, I love them!
    What is he looking at?
    Masuimi Max is going to be in SA again this October. Gonna try to go see her. Hopefully I'll be able to take a decent pic with her - one where it doesN'T look like I'm crying.
    re: Flo
    What the hell?! She looked OLD! I'll have to rewatch that episode. I totally did NOT recognize her at all. Wow.
    re: Stephanie Courtney on House
    I didn't recognize her :sad:... I looked her up and saw that she's on Mad Men (but I've only seen one full episode of Mad Men).
    re: On Demand
    I know! I'm very excited for new Dexter. And yeah, damn, it seems like everything is on on Thursday nights. I did a lot of catching up yesterday... Paul's family has On Demand, so we got to watch Outsourced and Office last night.
    Boardwalk Empire is easily the best premiere i've ever seen on HBO. Maybe cause Scorcese directed it. It also looks like they spent a mint on it.
    I think there's some girl gonna come in and take 13's place for a few ep's. Shes a new character.
    Nice. I think it was taken off Netflix instant. :sad: I really wanted to check it out too.
    Had a performance review Sat. It was pretty damn good. :p
    And House. Interesting. But not the best season premiere. This season looks great.
    Yes it's a new series about organized crime in 1920's Atlantic City. Scorcese is behind it and it stars Steve Buscemi.

    Gonna buy Spartacus Blood and Sand on blu this tues.
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