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Recent content by The waveguide

  1. The waveguide

    murakami fans???

    Hi, I've read "kafka on the shore" by Murakami. It was weird. Yet it left a very lasting impression. More often than not, after I read a book, the very next day I forget all about it. But Murakami's story is still in my memory after 4 years or so. It means that it was really outstanding...
  2. The waveguide

    book about courts, trial, judges, verdicts

    Hi, I am looking for a book where the plot would take place around a trial in a court, with judges, attorneys and verdicts. I'm looking for the whole court process that would be described in a book . Kafka's "trial" is cool but I am looking for additional books, fiction and non- fiction. Any...
  3. The waveguide

    Flowchart of heavy metal band names

    Have you heard that song, with the single word - Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth (or was it Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?) Going on for two minutes (and a half?) long? That's hillarious! I do not remember the band, though... Who was that?
  4. The waveguide

    New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival ???

    Had anybody been to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival ? How is that? I mean, is it a sort of a commercial tourist-trap, or is it something with a soul ;)? We are much into Jazz - but we can not decide if this festival is a **must-visit**, or is it better to postpone our...
  5. The waveguide


    Well, I don't know about scary comics... But I love Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin has a tiger-toy who becomes a REAL tiger for Calvin when no adults are around. And they do different stuff. So here are some of little comics: and here: and this: and also this: There is more about...
  6. The waveguide

    Orson Scott Card to J.K. Rowling

    I've just seen this little review of Orson regarding the greediness of Rowling. I wonder what people here think :)
  7. The waveguide

    Question Game

    Well, I have never asked any questions in this thread before :D Q: What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? (The clue):D
  8. The waveguide

    June 2008 - Book Group Suggestions

    Well, everybody should read faster :) I'm joking.... I was OK with Bovary, was something different for me. The First Circle I simply can not find. But now it is on my TBR - in future... I also find it hard to read books that are "dictated" to me. Somehow I like it more to read each book...
  9. The waveguide

    Comic books vs. books

    I do not agree that "readers of comic books are generally much more male than female "... I mean, when I go to my work by public transportation, I frequently see both male and female persons reading comic. But yeah, regarding the age - I never saw a grand-ma (or a grand-pa)- aged people...
  10. The waveguide

    Robert Graves: I, Claudius

    I LOVED I, Claudius! I read it around 7 years ago, and found it funny, unexpected, very close to the historical facts that we learned at school (I am not good at history but I remember whatever my teachers tought us about roman/greek periods) Several years afterwards I was in Rome, and...
  11. The waveguide

    Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary

    I also commented EXACTLY on this earlier. It does not start with Emma nor it finishes with Emma. I had a feeling that the author tried to tell: Emma was important only for her own self in her own mind. The world did well without her before her appearence and can cope without her after she is...
  12. The waveguide

    May 2008 - Voting

    I just found out that here they dont have it either! So I voted for something else :) But I want The First Circle , too!
  13. The waveguide

    Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary

    Sparkchaser, Where did you get this one: Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put. - Winston Churchill I mean, can you give the reference? I can't stop laughing each time I see it!
  14. The waveguide

    Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary

    It was not my style either :) Actually I read through the book very fast, it was finished in two evenings. It worth giving it a try - in my case, I had an educated guess how it will finish and I was right! But yeah, it was somewhat annoying. I agree. But I think that it was not the...