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Recent content by True@1stLight

  1. True@1stLight

    Trying to write as the opposite gender?

    Wow, talk about a voice that's good to hear....private message me asap if you can crystal. Your company is sorely missed.
  2. True@1stLight

    Blast from the past....

    Is there ANY discussion about BOOKS here anymore? At most I'm seeing "I liked this book, I didn't like this book" conversations.
  3. True@1stLight


    Nice to see another old face....how are things? Glad to have you back! ;)
  4. True@1stLight

    Blast from the past....

    I don't blame them. It appears I have to search through hundreds of posts now, and about 1 out of every 50 is actually about something. :rolleyes:
  5. True@1stLight

    Blast from the past....

    :D May I have the address to that forum?
  6. True@1stLight

    Tragedy in London

    I'll settle for against the bombINGS. ;)
  7. True@1stLight

    What is the one passage in any book that has made you laugh the most?

    Sadly, most of my books are in storage right now so I can't pull the quotes... I'm almost certain it'd be from The Sirens of Titan or Candide though.
  8. True@1stLight

    Blast from the past....

    Good to see some of you guys still here..... Are Bobby, Irene, or Crystal anywhere to be found these days?
  9. True@1stLight

    Last seen...

    Donnie Darko..... Bobby around anymore these days?
  10. True@1stLight

    Tragedy in London

    Hrm....equivocating pushing a button on a missile with backbone? This is the side everyone is one? Scary. :rolleyes: *steps to the other side*
  11. True@1stLight

    Tragedy in London

    Wow, this place has changed :eek: .......I'll leave this alone do the fact that it looks like Wabbit may have been attempting to keep it calm as it is.
  12. True@1stLight

    What are you listening to Right now?

    My god this thread was started when I was here..... Shimmer - Fuel
  13. True@1stLight

    Blast from the past....

    Hrm.....well the questions are tied together actually. Due to the fact that I've now finished my undergraduate work I am in the lost and floating world of the in between. On top of that I'm living at my parents in the meantime and working a summer job 3rd shift in a factory that my dad is a...
  14. True@1stLight

    Usernames!!!! How did you get yours?

    STILL!!! :D I awake from my coma to still see this? :eek:
  15. True@1stLight

    Blast from the past....

    Echooooooooo..... :eek: Any friendly voices still around??