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Recent content by Vadarya001

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    Are Christians book in?

    wow, not the answer I was looking for. but thx
  2. V

    Are Christians book in?

    I'm interested in getting a Christian novel published... Does anyone know if they are popular right now?
  3. V


    i would just like to know how your publishing efforts/experiences are going? Any good stories? Mine are complicated.... i'm finally reading a book to help me learn how to get published and all.
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    When should I let my husband read the novel I'm working on?

    I think you should wait until it's finished and published before he looks at it.. just my opinion. I've had many people, guys in particular, want to read my stuff and I just feel uneasy about it.
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    need to delete a book on Amazon. Please help

    Hi, I published my book on amazon and I am unable to delete it. the site will not let me uncheck the box that says publish... really irritating. if you can help, then please let me know. Thanks!!!! :D
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    conversation between me and an a SPAM agency

    Hi, I recently received an email from you about my manuscript. Before I send it to you, I would like to know if I am going to be paying anything if you end of wanting to publish my book. I have called Mark three times and have not gotten a response. The reason for my delay is because I want to...
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    I need all the help I can with the WB agency (spam or true?)

    thank you so much. that thread was just what i was looking for. I recently read a case hearing on robert fletcher. they're a bunch of jerks ripping ppl off for money. sigh.... I must start sending out queries yet again...
  8. V

    I need all the help I can with the WB agency (spam or true?)

    woah, such negatively!!!! who said I wouldn't use ur advice???? I've been meaning to get a book similar to that one. So thank you for your kindness
  9. V

    I need all the help I can with the WB agency (spam or true?)

    Hi, I recently sent a synopsis to the wb agency or literary agency. I'm so confused. Has anyone heard about them, like are they bad? Do they charge money? I can't even get in touch with the agent guy... and they want me to send my manuscript.... I'm thinking about just sending a few...
  10. V

    Trivia...Up For It?

    tri-wiz Turn ur eyes away if you haven't finished the series!!!!!! Could be a bit shocking 1. I'm guessing Professor Quirell, but he wasn't too popular 4. Cedric Diggory 5. Sirius Black 6. Dumbledore 7. Fred Weasley Nice question.... Ok, who won the tri-wizard tournament?
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    Promotional Block!

    Well atleast you got your book published... I've been trying to get an agent for a while. No one will accept my query. I apparently can not write one. lol.
  12. V

    Promotional Block!

    Sorry, I got nothing. lol. But I am curious about your book. What's the title?
  13. V


    I dunno if this is the right movie to talk about, but whatev. Maybe if I talk about it I won't be so addicted anymore. Anyways, ever watched Ratatouille? Well I have watched it atleast twenty times and don't find myself growing tired of it. I dunno what makes me want to watch it sooo much...
  14. V

    How do I find an editor or agent????

    Hey everyone. I've had a lot of success with finding agents since I started this thread. For those who are still looking and are in the situation that I was in, here's a cool site to check out. It has agents listed and really helped me out, although I haven't been accepted yet. lol. It takes...
  15. V

    How do I find an editor or agent????

    Hey thanks so much!! I just checked out Nathan's blog on the website you gave me. I'm a little nervous about posting pages of my book online though, because I don't have it copyrighted... But yea... I'll ask queryshark a few questions. I hope you were meaning on this site... :-)