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Do you ever reread your books?

When I was in high school I worked one summer in the place where they grew all the plants, trees and shrubs which were used to adorn the schools, parks and lawns of buildings associated with local, educational institutions. The place where I worked was perhaps ten acres in size upon which were rows of field-grown seedling, trees and greenhouses. The place had about 8 full time workers. I and a few other high school kids were employed as helpers.

In one part of this place was a sunken valley of perhaps 200 yards in length, and a fourth as many wide, which I can only imagine the Garden Of Eden looked like. It had many shallow ponds which contained sun and coy fish and the surrounding areas were filled and resplendent with flowering shrubs, trees, and flowers of every description and at one place a stone bridge forded a small stream. There were stone benches to sit upon in private little nooks where one could sit and listen for the splash of an occasional toad into a pond, or the warble of any number of species of birds which had found sanctuary there. Now the strange thing is, even though this was a public facility which could be visited by any citizen almost no one knew of its existence. Sometimes, as an adult, I have visited this garden - my secret place - and have always had the whole of it to myself.

Whenever I reread a book it is like going back to that garden alone. I retrace the steps of a bygone day down to the floor of the valley knowing in advance that it has not changed - the only thing in my entire life, it seems, which has not changed - and once again I see familiar sights. I imagine the fish, and frogs, and birds to be the same ones I communed with in my youth, as are the characters I know so well from the books I have visited. I walk the paths knowing what I will find around each bend as I know the events I will encounter in the book. I am not dissuaded by the fact that I already know what awaits me. I imagine myself visiting an old friend who is always accessible and happy to see me. Sancho Panza and Wilkins McCawber can still wrest a belly laugh from me despite how deeply the world has jaded me - Harper Lee and George Eliot, a tear. Yossarian is still in mortal fear for his life and still evading duty, and El-ahrairah still looks after his lupine subjects. They will always be there, frozen in time ... awaiting my visit.
That was beautiful. Not only did you give me a taste of your quintessential garden of tranquility, (for I lack the details that only you have witnessed), it paints a fantastic nostalgic picture of what a(n) reintroduced journey lay before the reader, when they dive back into novel.
Yeah, I very often reread books, that stick with me. Once a year, something like that. But they are few in numbers... :)
I've read several books many times. One that stands out to me, in particular, is 'The Godfather' by Mario Puzo. Part of the reason I've read it three times is that it is basically the screenplay, and since I can't stand blood, guts, etc., reading it before each viewing (they are often years apart) helps me know when to turn away before scenes that contain any of that kind of stuff occur. Plus, it's an awesome book with great description, imagery, characters, and writing. I've read 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' twice. I know to some that may not seem like a lot (I've known people who've read each 'Harry Potter' book several times, if not more), but since I try to focus on new books so I get a feel of what else is out there, two or three times is a lot for me.

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I have a few all-time favorites that I occasionally reread.
Both Jane Eyre and Gone With the Wind are books that I started reading when I was about 10, and have reread about every 5 to 7 years. I appreciate the way my age has changed my perceptions of the stories and characters.
It's like visiting old friends. :)

Another reason for at least one reread is in a series such as Justin Cronin's Vampire series, or Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. They come out sooooo far apart that in order to really keep continuity and understanding accurate, one must reread.

And sometimes a reread is simply to wallow in lush prose.
Do you reread your books? I know im terrible for it- I have read the hitchikers guide six times now...
As I generally don't have the need for it, I don't reread books but I sometimes return to a book such as A Christmas Carol to look at a certain part of the story to gain a better understanding.
Yes I re-read my books.
Many are history books , so when researching something , the proverbial "hitting the books" is done.
That said I have my favorites in the fiction world that I love to re-read and experience all over again ... and again.
ive re read the fault in our stars and some of my harry potter books..... when reading for the second time it tends to reveal more details about the book.
I reread books all the time. I can fall in love with a book and to go back is like visiting old friends.

I also have a horrible memory so sometimes I need a refresher.
Sometimes yes if it had so many details, reading it the second time would let you understand even deeper things that happened that you didnt notice or get in the first reading. Like harry potter for example.
Do you reread your books? I know im terrible for it- I have read the hitchikers guide six times now...
I like to re-read books after several years; or many years; I was into John Fowles during college and read The Magus three times over eight years. My father had a book called Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer; I read it in high school and then as an adult and got more out of it.
After some years, yes. And only if it's a really good book. I am actually rereading the Harry Potter series right now. Last time I read the last book, I was 15 years old. I'm 24 now and am on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.