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Dogs, Cats, Rats...What Kind of Critters Do You Have?

I recently rescued a Brittany Spaniel/ Épagneul Breton ( crossbreed) who was abandonned in a cove close to a Nature Park . Actually, they helped me some volunteers of several Animal Shelters and a dog trainer because this place is the habitat of others feral animals ( wild boars, foxes) and this dog was scared of everything, very nervous and affraid but after months - I earned their trust - and we rescue her. Now she lives with me, that is, I've adopted her . She is no older than a year, she has a disease but now has a Vet treatment and a home !!
I left some books in my car, so this picture has certain sense in this forum

P1040642.jpg P1040645.JPG
My dog is pure energy !! She loves running over trails, she's my perfect running partner . In spite of her sickness, she enjoys running as fast as possible like a great sprinter !!
Several cats and a dog.
My favorite dog was Sheba , she was a German Shepherd mix and loved cats.
Here she is with her "baby" Oscar....Oscar and I still miss our old girl...
Some of us share our homes with numerous creatures, for others human companions are enough. I was put off by Tina Fey sharing how she didn't like animals in BossyPants. I've always had critters, strictly a cat lover for many years...then my Sophie came into the family, an AmStaff afraid of her own shadow. Callie came a few years later. He's an American Bulldog poster boy, fearless and muscle bound...and a lap dog...with an embarrassing secret, he has a growl that clears the street...but his bark sounds like a hoarse cocker spaniel "arooo arooo I'll eat your babies arooo". He lets Sophie do the serious barking.

We also have five housecats that rule the roost and my daughters rats in their split level cage. What pets does everyone else have?

I have two old cats: a shy cat who becomes hostile with me and a fat one who loves eating.
I always loved having a pet,I had a pet cat called tigger and she had babies every year and my recent pet was Frankie the Secound whom died only after a few weeeks. I want to get another gerbil soon I seen a gerbil in the pet world and now I reallllly want one.