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Ernest Hemingway


Active Member
Let me say that even though I have come to appreciate Hemingway, I am not a huge fan of his writing style. It is too spare for me, but I think it suits the stories that he tells perfectly. Of his stories that I have read I think that is most true about The Old Man and The Sea. I like the theme. A man battling a lot of things more powerful than himself ; time, the ocean, a huge fish, his legacy. blah, blah blah :)
Ernest Hemingway is one of the first authors I read (for the first time as a junior in high school) who made me realize my love for teaching English. I read 'A Farewell to Arms' in high school and then chose to take a seminar all about Ernest Hemingway as a freshman at the University of Michigan. I always use the example when teaching my college Composition courses that when I read 'The Sun Also Rises,' which is about bullfighting, I wrote a paper about it that used a fun title. I love coming up with intriguing titles, so I called it 'A Load of Bull'. I like when my students strive for interesting titles too, so that's the example I give. I've also read 'For Whom the Bell Tolls,' a variety of his short stories, and at least one other book, the title of which is escaping me at the moment. His writing style is clear, deliberate, and descriptive. I really enjoy the writing I've read by him.


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My body convulsed after reading Old Man and the Sea.

I read it in one sitting and was stunned by it.