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I thought it was Novella who ruined his life. I liked her.

Ah yes, her outing me definitely ruined me. It's not like, since then, I've travelled the world for a full year. Or got married. Or found a dream job.

Oh, hang on ...

Novella. I liked her, too.

Oooh, I liked me too. How nice. Martin, how are the Netherlands? Have you read Joseph O'Neill's semi-eponymous book? I just finished it and I love him.
Plus, I'm so glad this site had reverted to its nerdy look, sans smiling girl-reader-chick. And brown.
I'm actually immersed in his Blood-Dark Track, because that novel Netherland was so fuckin faithful to NYC in many ways, so even though I don't usually do Anonymous Memoirs with no Apparent Angst, I had to get his book because he's got chops.

Also, I just finished Somebody Rimington's Illegal Action. She's some ex-head of MI5, and it just goes to show you that you can be clever and be a sucky novelist. Don't buy it. Get it from the library and see what I mean.

I'm reading another suck memoir book now that is funny because I know some peeps in it. Still, it sucks It's a chef thingy.
More details on the suck chef book-- Doug Psaltis's memoir of how hot he is/was.

Plus, he lies, the finding of which is bitter fun. Hey.