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have you guys read an e-book

I read ebooks all the time. Because I am in college and I have to type papers. It is too much of an hassel to try to read a traditional book. It's more of an convenience to read the book on my computer and type my paper on the computer. I can be reading and typing at the same time. That's why I am glad that they allowed us to download an Kindle App.
There has been quite a change since the OP in 2007, and these posts prove it.

Answering the question, yes, I have now read several books on kindle -- one classic, one current fiction, one non-fiction, two singles -- and they all have been pleasant reading experiences.

I even sent a file to my kindle with a draft of an essay that I am writing and that's a goose-pimply kind of experience, to see one's own name and words on there in among published authors. :eek:
I actually think about this alot and I personally tried reading electronic texts but its nowhere the same as reading a real book. It's mostly the fact that I feel like I can relate to the words and pages in my own angle and lighting etc as opposed to a hard-on-screen book.
I haven't read a paper book since I starting reading with the Nook app in my Galaxy Tab. I just love the convenience of it and find that the words and story are the same in digital form as they would be on paper. I definitely don't miss storing all those finished books. I still have boxes and boxes of them. It's time to donate them to the jail again.
OMG! I think ebooks and ereaders are better than sliced bread. Will definitely have to convert the luddites. I personally have read at least 50 (probably more as I have lost count) complete books on either my Kindle 1 or iPad. I was reading an actual "paper" book at work one day and everyone was shocked to see me holding an "actual book".

Cheers, Dan
I don't think I've ever actually finished reading an ebook. I have a few short stories on my kindle, but I haven't finished reading any of them. The thing just keeps running out of batteries to spite me for neglect.
A library at your fingertips.....

I love eBooks....
Firstly, I can store loads of them without taking up shelf space (I get through a lot of books!).
Secondly, as I have Fibromyalgia, I sometimes find it painful holding the larger books but I don't have a problem with a light eReader.
But most importantly, eBooks are so easy to publish by yourself without having to go through those picky gate-keepers i.e. the publishers and agents. This means that there is so much more to choose from and not just the limited selection that the publishers want us to read just to make them money!
Think of all those stories out there that people may miss, just because they weren't deemed worthy enough to be on a publishers list.
I've read several books on the Kindle and found it an ok experience. I could definitely live with it when the inevitable move to ebooks happens.

I like the convenience weight ease of use and the ability to take an entire library with me when traveling. Plus, I can buy and download books immediately as long as I have an internet connection.

That said, I don't think ebooks have adequately reproduced the ability to easily flip forward or back through the pages. If you want to look something up in chapter two when you're in chapter eighteen, getting there and back can take a while (at least on my Kindle). I also don't like the possibility of the power going out with an uncharged battery. Ebooks come with a huge dependency on the power grid. Though it hasn't happened often, I have pleasant memories of reading paper books during power outages.

Though I'm fine with ebooks, I still find paper far superior in many ways, especially for non-fiction books that require a lot of flipping around and cross-referencing. For non-academic novels they work absolutely fine. But I'm guessing in a few generations paper books will be a niche item or only available in antique shops. So when the choice eventually disappears none of that will matter.
I agree that cross-referencing is a pain. I have a few cookbooks on my kindle and find it difficult sometimes to flip from ingredient sizes to the actual directions should they fall on different pages. I also find it difficult to locate a specific recipe on a specific page. I have one of the older generations, so perhaps it is not so difficult on a fire. I do love my Kindle though. I never leave home without it.
I have always thought that flipping back through pages of a document or book, to find something you are looking for, is a capability that computers fail at, whether full-sized computers or kindles. "Search" just doen't hack the sort of free-form scan that humans do when loking for something. Unless some guru here knows better, in which case I would be glad to hear.

I can never find something I know I have read when I go looking for it in a book.

(PS Which is why I mark in the margins as I go.)
No No No

I work in a charity shop books and music shop, I'm a bibliophile. I love books the cover art, the smell, having an actual book in your hands rather than a computer.
I am a technology person, I love my laptop, I love my blackberry I even studied digital arts as a minor at university but there is something about a book that I like.
I write in my books and underline the passages which I find interesting, my ex used to love this as he was a big reader too and loved seeing which bits I enjoyed. I lend my books to many friends, a book I enjoy gets passed to at least 5 of my friends you can't do that with a kindle.
I understand that they would be good for holidays and people with bad eyesight, but while I have my eyesight and the fact that I would rather pack books in my suitcase than have 20 different changes of clothes I think I will stick to the real thing.

And plus how am I meant to make my charity money?
I really hate it when people underline bits or write comments on pages in my books. I don't want to read other people's thoughts while I'm reading a book. I mostly use a notebook to write notes in and put page numbers and, if necessary, line numbers next to the notes so I know where to look for the passage I need.

(rant over) :p
I really hate it when people underline bits or write comments on pages in my books. I don't want to read other people's thoughts while I'm reading a book. I mostly use a notebook to write notes in and put page numbers and, if necessary, line numbers next to the notes so I know where to look for the passage I need.

(rant over) :p

I don't do it in anyone else's books! Only my own.
If someone wants to borrow one then they have to deal with it or buy their own.
Books are very personal things, Some of my most loved books are ones that I have read at certain points in my life and remind me of those times much like songs.
They are a lot easier on the eyes actually because u can choose the font and page colours to suit your eyesight. I was very wary of them before my uncle told me about that feature. I don't own a portable kindle but the app is the same and u can have it in computers or i-pads etc. My daughter has one in her notebook and reads the odd chapter while she is waiting for appointments or on lunch breaks at work. I am looking forwar to getting one. When you go on holiday, you don't have to weigh down your luggage with books if u have a kindle which is light as a feather and can hold thousands of books at once. What's not to like? Well, I do like page turning but it's all just habit and that one isn't hard to break really. Leaves u free to sip your drink at same time LOL

People who calll them an abomination have never tried them, patently.
I was never interested in getting a Kindle until one day my husband said he would like to try a tablet. While we were in the store I looked at the Kindle and thought that I might try it. I've had it now for about six months and can't imagine being without it. I still read paper books from the library as always buying a book can run up the credit card bill quickly but I find the Kindle so much easier to hold than a hardback as I have some arthritis in my thumbs. Hubby has a tablet and enjoys it but it is quite a bit bigger than the Kindle. Amazing how my attitude changed once I saw how convenient the Kindle is. :rolleyes: