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Is this horrifying or absolutely beautiful?


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Our world is very interdependent. We need to not only focus on our own country's poverty issues, but those in developing countries as well. Take Africa for an example, They don't want charity, what they want the most is an opportunity to prosper. With the help of countries in the EU and Canada and the U.S. We can help them to become independent and to have the ability to contribute to the world market.

That is why I look for fair trade products, just for example.

ETA: Every year for Christmas, instead of my husband and I exchanging gifts, we chose to donate to Heifer International. This is our way of offering our help from a distance to families in developing countries. Last year we bought a goat (which will produce milk to sell), and 2 flocks of chicks (which will produce eggs.) This program pays forward. The recipient families are required by contract that when offspring are produced, they must give them to the next family, and so on.


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Cliff Kincaid could be right. This bill really does't matter because it won't pass. I see two things. The first is that Obama has never accomplished anything, so they're probably trying to rush this through to give him something to campaign on. The second is that Obama has talked about a lot of probrams that will each cost tax payers a lot of money. The kind of money that will tie an anchor to an already sluggish economy.

Spending money on poverty sounds good, but does more harm then good. From what I've read, the money rarely makes it to the people we're trying to help. The only people that make out are the crooked politicians and thugs.


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Spending money on poverty sounds good, but does more harm then good. From what I've read, the money rarely makes it to the people we're trying to help. The only people that make out are the crooked politicians and thugs.

I was thinking how I could receive some of this money. What country should I move to? Where to set up my bank account? What kind of job should I need?

So, I got to be a politician or a thug to get some of this dough? Which country should I go? :devil:


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It's horrifying. I'm all for helping people, but our government is spending our country into oblivion. We have a national debt of 9 trillion dollars. If you include current obligations like SS payments etc, we are an astounding 56 trillion dollars in debt, That is about $186,000 per man, woman and child in the US. Washington has literally sold us up the river, burrowing money to fund programs we can't afford, in order to buy votes. China is getting nervous, we owe them trillions that we have foolishly borrowed, I don't know that they even believe that we CAN pay them back, but we are also the principle buyer of all their products.

The fed keeps pumping cheap money into the system to keep interest rates artificially low, but that won't work forever, our dollar has plummeted already. I travel abroad a bit, just a few years ago, everyone wanted to be paid in dollars, but they would give change back in the local currency, they all wanted dollars. Last year as I traveled abroad, it was the exact opposite, vendors, hotels, banks were dumping dollars like they were coated in cooties. I have a friend who just got back from Mexico, a bunch of hotels and shops there wouldn't accept dollars! How sad it that?

If we keep blowing money like it is meaningless, who will send us money when we are a 3rd world country?

I am all for charity, but when the feds can't balance their own checkbook, we are in trouble.


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If they are going to "swift boat" Obama, they'd better pick something that actually has a horse to ride on. They are desperate as they can't run on anything that Bush has done the last 8 years. Corporate corruption, incompetence at the justice department, and over-reaching of our military resources are not very endearing to the American people who face high prices at the grocery store and gas station.

On the February 14 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh read a portion of a February 12 column by Cliff Kincaid, editor and writer at the right-wing "watchdog of the news media" organization Accuracy in Media, in which Kincaid falsely asserted that the Global Poverty Act, sponsored by Sen. Barack Obama, "would commit the U.S. to spending 0.7 percent of gross national product on foreign aid, which amounts to a phenomenal 13-year total of $845 billion over and above what the U.S. already spends." Limbaugh also read Kincaid's false statement that the bill "could result in the imposition of a global tax on the United States." In fact, the bill does not impose a tax on the United States or allow any other body to impose a tax. In his column, Kincaid further falsely asserted that the legislation "makes levels of U.S. foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates of the United Nations."
(From the Media Matters link)

Great resource AuntiePam, they do a great job of tracking the GOP smear campaign and obfuscation of facts.


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That article is an opinion piece from a Republican senator. It's not unbiased.

From an AP report dated 9/10/08: "Palin has sought $197 million worth of earmarks for 2009, down about 25 percent from the $256 million she sought in the 2008 budget year. As mayor of tiny Wasilla, Alaska, she hired a lobbyist to seek federal money for special projects. Wasilla obtained 14 earmarks, totaling $27 million, between 2000-2003, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense."

Palin might have helped kill the Bridge to Nowhere, but Alaska kept the money. I have no problem with that -- all states need help to pay for things -- but she's fudging the issue when she forgets to tell people that she initially supported the project.


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Looking into books to ban when she hasn't even read them. Who needs to read books?

But in 1995, Ms. Palin, then a city councilwoman, told colleagues that she had noticed the book “Daddy’s Roommate” on the shelves and that it did not belong there, according to Ms. Chase and Mr. Stein. Ms. Chase read the book, which helps children understand homosexuality, and said it was inoffensive; she suggested that Ms. Palin read it.

“Sarah said she didn’t need to read that stuff,” Ms. Chase said. “It was disturbing that someone would be willing to remove a book from the library and she didn’t even read it.”

“I’m still proud of Sarah,” she added, “but she scares the bejeebers out of me.”


New Member
From the article:

"Interviews show that Ms. Palin runs an administration that puts a premium on loyalty and secrecy."

She'd fit right in with the Bush administration; that's exactly how they've been running things. Yet another indication that a McCain administration would be more of the same in the areas where it counts.