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JK Rowling being sued for plagiarism

sparkchaser; I guess your question is directed at me so I might as well answer it, just so you do know, and so will anyone else who reads the response. No, J Rowling did NOT come up with the word Muggles. I made up the word in response to a question asked by a man I believed was a friend. Muggles is formed with two words, The word mug is in the dictionary. The second word is a variation of a mans name; Alan, who I thought was an idiot for asking me so many dumb questions about my story-board drawings and the characters in them. Silly questions, such as how I would spell the name, in question. I didn't spell it as Mug-Al, The conjugated two words were formed as Muggle.

Happy Day's,
If you can write then you can draw. Just toss the lined pages and start scribbling on A4 copy paper. The lines you form on paper, no matter how good or bad, form your artwork. Your artwork tells a story just as my story-board artwork did. The drawings that formed the Harry Potter story were very nicely drawn in pencil or PC art but mostly my drawings were of fine shaded pencil, pen and some were drawn in charcoal. One exception is the image, I painted, named BLISS. That image is identical to the image by the same name as used as the Microsoft corporation as their Desktop image in Windows XP! A sample drawing is the stump on the book titled; 'The Tales of Beedle The Bard', special edition. If you can look closely across the front of the stump of one of these books one might see my name is written there! Compare that book cover-art with the design on the cover of the collectors edition. Once again it is a different design but it was designed by the same original author. I designed the these book designs and the stories in them. The title is a code name I made up when I was being asked technical and design related questions about the book cover artwork and stories. This is why my name is on the front of the stump! So now you know another of my origins and that art is not all what you think it is at first glance. This is why I believe other persons opinion that indicate JK Rowling is a plagiarist is correct. I more than firmly believe this is true.
Happy Days,
It seems that nearly all authors that keep themselves on the bestseller list are attacked by ankle biters. If you're one of those writers who constantly rages at a world that just doesn't get you, you're going to try to earn your money in the court room via a settlement check. I sincerely hope that none of these successful authors, Rowling, Brown, Meyer et al, give any of these talentless hacks a dime. Even if it costs more to fight these ankle biters in court, it's better than turning over your hard earned money to them. Is there anyone in the world more disgusting than a ne'er do well trying to leach off the hard work of the successful people of the world? Of course there is, but not many.
One note: Oprah has been fooled by the plagiarist beetle. Below here is part of a link to an interview with JK Rowling, hosted by Oprah Winfrey. From what I know and believe: Oprah is told untruths.

If you know my first and last name initial you can find them in the name 'Harry Potter' as extra's! 'G' is set between letters 'Ho' while 'S' is set between 'Po'. My home number is designed in the leg of letter 'P'. Number '71' can be seen in film title graphics.

Oprah has been lied to!!
Believe me, I am the original creator of the Harry Potter story. I have been misled by people I trusted in my home. Look at the book cover of 'The Tales of Beedle The Bard', special edition. My surname appears partially on the front of the stump. Look for the code '4' on the front left root tip and follow the root. Just to be sure my last initial could be seen, it is a big letter 'S', formed in the right front root of the stump. number '71'
is formed in the left & front left root. It is my home number.

Believe what I tell you.

I am the original creator of much of what has been claimed by the author atop of this page in the title.
Happy Days


No! Not Oprah! How dare they fool The Oprah into thinking JK Rowling wrote JK Rowling's books! What monster would do such a thing?
A quick one: Here is a cover page of the above mentioned book to bore your eyes into. Use zoom. Have fun.

Happy hunting,

mylord, go write your own book and quit your whining, (and lying - you are obviously full of crap). Write your own story, if you are worth a damb, if you really have the creativity you portend to have, then the world will embrace you. Trying to claim someone elses story, and success, as your own is downright disgusting. I don't really have the sense of humor that my fellow BAR's have about you. You are not amusing.