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Map of the history of Science Fiction


Well-Known Member
What can I say? Awesome, plus I actually learnt the alternate spelling for Gilgamesh. I would try to throw in 'Penny Dreadful' in there instead of 'Dime Novels'. :)

*and he put Chabon's Yiddish Policemen's Union under Cyberpunk! The nerve!
** but missed out on Japanese anime culture and their influence on modern sf...


New Member
I'll be looking at that for a while. I noticed he forgot to finish a title as well. Next to J.G. Ballard it says "The Crystal. I wonder what distracted him.


I spend ten minutes staring at that yesterday. I am not sure where that ten minutes of my life went. That display sucked time away from my life.

Was that an octopus or a multi tailed sperm cell?

I would check it out again but I'm afraid I would wake up out if a trance after a 20 minute time lapse.


New Member
I, too, want a poster of this. My only complaint is the lack of Hope Mirrlees at the beginning of the fantasy section. If Dunsany gets a mention, surely she should too.