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michael crichton


New Member
I just finished 2 Michael Crichton novels, Prey and Next. They were both very exciting and suspenseful, but I have to say that, although I am no scientist, they are both pretty unbelievable. Maybe if they were sci-fi stories about 500 years in the future I could buy it but not now. However, I think Next was pretty funny, so if you dont take it too seriously it is enjoyable.
I loved both State of Fear and Timeline. They made Timeline into a really awful movie but I loved the book. Actually I have read every Chrichton book except Sphere, which was also a bad movie. So was Congo for that matter. But i really enjoyed the Jurassic park books and also the movies.

I read "the great train robbery" and thought it was great. Lots of very cool historical facts and pretty fast paced.
I have read a couple of Michael Chriton books and have enjoyed them. A few years ago I read Next and thought it wasn't to good. The subject matter was interesting, however there were to many storylines going on. This made it difficult to follow.
I might be in the minority but I didn't like Prey. I like a lot of this older stuff like Sphere, Congo, Terminal Man, and Jurassic Park.